Mariners Relieved to Come Home

There wasn’t much positive on this last road trip since the Mariners lost all six games. They will be home for the next eleven games so hopefully, some good signs will come about.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Jerry Dipoto will make some changes to the roster including making at least one trade.  Edwin Encarnacion is the likely one to be traded because the Mariners might be able to get the most for him. It would be good to get a starting pitcher back for him along with a prospect or two. 

I was hoping to see this last road trip where the Mariners would go at least 3-3 instead of losing each one. They were doing so well against other teams with losing records, however, the Rangers and A’s are on an upswing. Of course, in part by playing the Mariners. The Rangers are 7-3 in their last ten games while the A’s are 9-1. Last year the A’s made their move around this time and once again are doing so. 

It would be nice if the Mariners can beat the Rangers at home well as the Los Angeles Angels. Outside of the Mariners the Angels are the other team with a losing record in the past ten games going 4-6. The only other American League team to go 1-9 like the Mariners is the Detroit Tigers.

Mike Leake continues to struggle on Sunday in the Mariners loss to the A’s 7-1. He pitched six and two-thirds innings. He only gave up three hits but two of them were home runs that gave the A’s three of the five runs against him. Wasn’t normal for Leake he walked three batters. For the Mariners to get back on track Leake along with Marco Gonzales who hasn’t won in May and Kikuchi who had a bad outing after pitching well before the Mariners need these three. 

It is hard though for the starters to do well when they have the pressure of having to be perfect when the offense isn’t working. The Mariners scored only eight runs in the three games. They have shown unless they score six runs or more in a game they probably won’t win and they haven’t done that often as of late.

It isn’t as though the Mariners haven’t hit the ball because they had 25 hits in the Oakland series just they left a lot of batters on base. Whether it is changing the lineup or not is the answer the point is they do need to score runs. 

It does come down to the pitching overall though. The position players Dipoto decides to trade they need to have pitching come back in return. I expect the hitting will come back even with the trading of some of the position players. I can see Jay Bruce and Tim Beckham both leaving before the trading deadline too. 

Tommy Milone will be going against the Texas Rangers Monday night. He had a good game against the Rangers last Tuesday in Arlington though the Mariners lost 5-3. A similar outing by Milone should nest a Mariner victory.  This week will be interesting for sure. Go M’s.

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