Mariners Losing on the Road

It has been a tough road for the Mariners this week. After losing 2 out of three to Cleveland the Mariners lost three out of four to the Yankees. Had it not been for the relief pitching the Mariners may have won three in New York. Now at a look at Friday night’s game in Boston.

For the first time on the season, the Mariners have a losing record. I am sure most of us expected this would happen but in the fashion it has. The Mariners got off to a good start that now having a losing record seems more disappointing than if they had started in a way most fans thought they would.

Friday night the Mariners lost big again 14-1. Erik Swanson had a hard time starting. The Red Sox were able to start scoring runs against him in the third inning. When the inning ended the Sox were up 4-0. The first two innings it looked like it would a close game and possibly the Mariners had a chance to win but wasn’t meant to be. 

The big hit in the third inning was a Mitch Moreland home run with two runners on base. Had Swanson been able to get out of the third without giving up the home run it may have been a lot different game. Giving up a home run to Moreland in my mind is like giving one up to Mike Zunino. Moreland doesn’t hit well except for home runs. Swanson should have pitched in a manner that Moreland wouldn’t have had the hit. He could have walked Moreland to load the bases too. In the end, it wasn’t meant to be.

Swanson gave up a run in the fourth inning and two more in the fifth inning before his night ended. The Red Sox led 7-0 heading into the sixth inning. The relief pitchers didn’t do any better giving up seven runs as well.

Before Swanson left the game I thought it would be Ok that Swanson was giving up so many runs if the Mariners were scoring ten themselves. In this game, though ten runs wouldn’t have been enough but more exciting for sure. 

The Mariners scored their only run in the eighth inning with Domingo Santana hitting a triple with Edwin Encarnacion following with a single. Santana had three of the Mariners eight hits in the game. 

JP Crawford making his Mariner debut starting at shortstop because of the injury to Dee Gordon had a hit in his first at-bat of the game. He later had a second hit as well. 

Shed Long who came up as well is expected to start this afternoon for the Mariners. I expect he will play at second base. I wouldn’t be surprised JP Crawford starts at shortstop once again.

With Dee Gordon possibly out for a few days, we may see a lot of Long and Crawford. Gordon was not put on the injured list like Dylan Moore was. The Mariners could decide to Gordon on the injured list if he doesn’t respond and the Mariners need another reliever. The way the bullpen has been pitching who needs a reliever unless it is someone who can get a batter out. Go M’s. 

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