Mariners Are Swept By Cleveland Too

I am sure we have to say it has been a tough six games watching the Mariners after starting off 13-2. On the bright side if they win 13 games in every 21 games they will end up with 91 wins with 4 games remaining. The home run streak ended with the Mariners being shut out 1-0. It was so close because the umpires called Ryon Healy’s hit a home run in the third inning and then it was overturned by replay. Probably a reason I am not a big fan of instant replay. The Mariners seem to get hurt by instant replay more than any other team.

Erik Swanson making his first major league start for the Mariners pitched a fantastic game. He gave up one run on a homer to Jake Bauers in the 5th inning. It was only Bauers second home run of the season. So a bit of tough luck and throwing one bad pitch. In six innings he gave up only two hits while striking out five batters. I would say Swanson is going to win a lot of game if he pitches anywhere like he did on Wednesday afternoon.

The Mariners at the plate in all six games. It didn’t help to go against some pretty good pitchers as well. Carlos Carrasco started for the Indians giving up only three hits and no runs in seven innings. He walked two and struck out 12 batters. A problem the Mariners had in the homestand was striking out so much. Carrasco had started off poorly in his previous starts so he was due since he is a pretty good pitcher. It is too bad he couldn’t wait until his next start instead of against the Mariners.

The Mariners now go to Anaheim to play the Angels for four games before going to San Diego for two. The Angels are 8-10 on the season, however, are 6-1 at home. Hopefully, the Mariners can change that. The Padres are 11-8 but 4-5 at home so we can hope the Mariners can win in San Diego as well. If the Mariners can go 4-2 on the road trip that would be a good sign. Go M’s. 

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