Thank You Ichiro

Ichiro played in the two exhibition games and the two regular season games in his native Japan. We were unable to see him get a hit either Wednesday or Thursday however he did make a few catches in right field. Whatever we feel it isn’t anything like the people of Japan who idolized him for so many years. He played nine years in Japan before coming to Seattle in 2001. He played in the major leagues for 19 years. I know we will be talking about him for years to come. 

What is next up for Ichiro we don’t know right now but I hope he does some work for the Seattle Mariners. I would like to see him do some scouting for the Mariners if he is living full-time in Japan. I am sure in Japan he will be doing some work with their baseball as well. 

The Seattle Mariners were able to win both games against the A’s. They won the opener 9-7 then on Thursday in extra innings they scored a single run in the 12th inning to win 5-4. 

Japanese lefty Yusei Kikuchi made his major league debut going 4 and 2/3 innings throwing 93 pitches. He looked fantastic for most of the time. When Ichiro came out of the 8th inning after hitting for the 3rd time in the game Kikuchi was quite emotional about it. You could see having tears in his eyes while sitting on the bench. We hope to see success for Kikuchi in a Mariner uniform like Ichiro. It will be hard for him to match it but getting close would be nice.

Thanks Ichiro both Japan and the USA appreciate it very much. 


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