Yeah Edgar!!!

It took a long time ten years for that matter however Edgar Martinez finally made it to baseball’s Hall of Fame. I know there is a lot of stories coming up on Edgar so I am keeping this short however I have to be like everyone else who are fans of Edgar congratulations you made it.

Here in Seattle and the state of Washington, we all know his accomplishments even if you aren’t a big baseball fan. Everyone here knows his name even if they didn’t watch a game. Speaking of watching a game the double Edgar hit to score Joey Cora then Ken Griffey Jr. for the Mariners go to the American League Championship series in 1995 by beating the New York Yankees is still the greatest moment in Mariner history even though they won 116 games in 2001. Every time I see the replay of that hit my eyes come to tears and I am excited. We know Edgar accomplished so much more for the Mariners however that play shows why he is in the Hall of Fame now.

Again thank you, Edgar, for your accomplishments for all 18 years as a player then you became the hitting coach as well We will miss seeing you in the dugout for every game however we forward to seeing your induction into the Hall of Fame.   


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