A trade and Edgar’s Hall of Fame Announcement

While everyone was celebrating Martin Luther King Jr Day the New York Yankees traded right-handed starting pitcher Sonny Gray to the Cincinnati Reds for the second baseman Shed Long and a competitive balance pick in the next draft.

 General Manager Jerry Dipoto who had talked to the Reds about Long before traded outfielder Josh Stowers who the Mariners had drafted last year and had a solid time in rookie ball Everett. The Mariners had high hopes for him but picking up several outfielder prospects over the off-season they felt getting an infielder instead would be a good deal.

The Mariners don’t have many infield prospects so getting Long was good and he is further along as well. He is young to at 23 years old. He played double-A ball last season and may start there again for the Mariners or move up to triple-A Tacoma. This could mean he might is ready to be on the scene next year or in 2021. 

Right now the Mariners have Dee Gordon at second base.  The Mariners are hoping he will be healthy this year. If Long can turn into a major leaguer than a prospect the Mariners likely would trade Gordon. The Mariners may play Long at third base and shortstop as so a different scenario could happen too.

Today, Tuesday, January 22 we are supposed to hear whether Edgar Martinez makes the Hall of Fame or not. This is his last year of eligibility but could be voted in years later by the veteran’s committee. This year the veteran’s committee voted in Harold Baines. He had a solid season playing 22 seasons but not close to Edgar. In my mind, it will be a sure disappointment if Edgar doesn’t go in this season. So we hope to hear your name today Edgar so we can all yell Edgar! Edgar! Edgar!.


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