Merry Christmas To All

I wonder whether Jerry Dipoto will make another trade or signing before Christmas Eve.

It would be nice if Santa Claus can bring the Mariners a starting pitcher or a closer. A starter who can be a number one or two would be great. I am sure there are those who think why do the Mariners need a closer if they don’t win a lot of games this coming season. Who knows they could surprise us. 

The Mariners could win more games than we think in 2019. If they can break even in division play and do a better job beating teams in inter-league play could be around 80 to 84 wins. 

I don’t expect the Angels and the Rangers to be much better than last season. The A’s may not win as many games as last season. I expect the Astros to be about the same. The American league east the Red Sox and Yankees should be about the same if not better. The Toronto Blue Jays probably won’t be as good so the Mariners can beat them at home that would be nice. The Tampa Bay Rays might win the same amount of games at 90 and the Orioles a little better.

In the American League Central, I don’t expect the Cleveland Indians will be as good as last year and the Mariners did fine against them last season. I don’t think the rest of the central will be much better either. So the Mariners might be better than we think. 

It is hard to know of course at this time how many games the Mariners will win but they may surprise us. They had an awesome first half but reality set in after the all-star break.  This was even with four all-star players and Mitch Haniger is the only one will be back. Also, Robinson Cano missed half the season and he isn’t returning either.  A lot will come down to the starting pitching along with the bullpen. Outside of Alex Colome and Edwin Diaz, the rest of the bullpen didn’t do that well.  Whatever the bullpen turns out to be we may see a better one. I know this would be a surprise too.  We just hope whomever the closer is he won’t blow too many games. The importance is the setup men will be able to keep the lead up to the closer. 

Anyway a toast right now for the coming 2019. Once again Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.  


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