T-Mobile Park

Not really anyone’s surprise the Seattle Mariners are now playing in T-Mobile Park. The Mariners made the announcement today, December 19 they have signed a 25-year agreement for the naming rights.

I am sure some of us will continue calling it Safeco Field for a while. T-Mobile may be a cell phone carrier but the name sounds like a place people will go to stay in their RV’s with park at the end of the name, 

Now, this agreement has taken place it is now time to see who Jerry Dipoto will sign or trade for the next six or seven weeks before spring training begins. Recently they have signed a few minor leaguers who probably will be invited to spring training but not someone we can say wow too. These have been players who will add depth in case of injuries but anyone not expected really to be on the roster when the season begins. At least the Mariners are making changes to the AAA roster as well. 

I don’t expect any trades like they have made already unless they plan to move Edwin Encarnacion or Jay Bruce for some other major league player and prospects. Otherwords, reduce salaries. Dipoto may look at doing so during the trading deadline in July as well. We will see, won’t we? 


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