Post World Series Mariners Make Moves

This week the Mariners made some moves probably the most surprising Edgar Martinez is no longer going to be the Mariners hitting coach. Instead going to be in an advisory position where he will be with the team during the home games along working with individual players. He will be with the Mariners during spring training as well. Two players I see him working with until they get straighten out is catcher Mike Zunino and third baseman Kyle Seager. It will be interesting to see who the Mariners will name as the everyday hitting coach. I know there are fans who think negative a lot of the time so they believe Edgar was fired and moved into another position. I take Edgar’s word he wanted to spend more time with his wife and two daughters instead of going on the road with the team. The hitting coach spends a lot of time at the field with the players before and sometimes after the game. Edgar is known for looking at a lot of film as well. I wouldn’t be surprise he will be watching games on television while the team is on the road then sending emails giving his advice how to hit against the opposition pitchers.
Another move the Mariners decided not to take Denard Span on his option instead released him paying him $4 million instead of $12 million which would have been his salary if they had accepted it. So now Span is a free agent. I wouldn’t be surprised if he goes back to the Tampa Bay Rays which is his home team. No team has interested in him he could sign with the Mariners at a lower rate. Right now it means Ben Gamel and Guillermo Heredia platooning in left field. Not sure what they have planned for Dee Gordon whether playing in center field or back at second base. I am sure now we are here in November we will know sooner than later. Dipoto could be looking at making a trade for an outfielder. The Mariners made a few minor moves as well. Nothing that will impact the team at this time.

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