Mariners End Road Trip

The Seattle Mariners ended the last road trip of the season losing 6-1 in Arlington, Texas to the Texas Rangers. This ended the season with a road record of 44-37. Not at too bad. This means right now the Mariners are 41-33 at home with seven games at home remaining.

At this moment the Mariners are eight and half games behind the Oakland A’s who will be coming in to face the Mariners at Safeco Field for three games. It would be nice if the Mariners could go 5-2 at home so they can make it 90-72 for final record of the season.

It will be odd for the Mariners to face the A’s in these final three games since the A’s have won the second wild card. The Mariners are playing for pride to end the season plus auditioning for some of the players to make next season’s roster. When the season is over I will look at the overall look at the season for my final grade along with who I think should stay and who should leave. In some cases there will be a few that probably stay who shouldn’t. It will be an interesting off-season once again as well. I will look at that as well.  Probably take some time off concerning the Mariners to though will make comments on any players that are released, waived, traded or pick up by waivers or trade. Look forward to February when the Mariners report to training camp once again.

James Paxton is expected to pitch Monday night against the A’s. Long as everything goes well he will make another start on Saturday against the Rangers.

News came out on Monday that Felix Hernandez and his wife are both becoming USA citizens Monday afternoon. Congratulations for both of them. We hope that Felix does return next season with a new approach. Hate to see him retire or be released. I am sure he will have a long talk with Dipoto and Servais after the season. Go M’s.



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