Mariners Season Coming To A Close

It is Sunday September 30; the Seattle Mariners play their last game of the season today against the Texas Rangers.

Saturday night the Mariners had another one of those frustrating game they have had this second half of the season. In the first inning former Mariner third basemen Adrian Beltre’ hit a double to drive in the first run of the game. Finally the Mariners tied the game in the fifth inning. They broke open the game when Vogelbach scored from third when Dee Gordon hit a triple in the seventh inning. He and another run scored as well for the Mariners to win 4-1.

Nick Vincent having an up and down year was able to make it through the seventh inning and he got the win. Alex Colome pitch to hold it like he has so many times this year. It was actually his 30. Edwin Diaz came in for his 57th save on the season. It tied him with Bobby Thigpen with the second highest save mark in the history of the major leagues. The Mariners win today and he got the save he would hold that mark all by himself.

Roenis Elias will start Sunday’s final game of the season. He has done a remarkable job primarily doing long relief and now starting his fourth game of the season. Manager Scott Servais says he hopes to have Elias more of a defined role next season. I would like to see him pitching more in the role James Pazos did this year and have Pazos move to the left handed specialist unless the Mariners can find someone else to fill the role.

Jean Segura had three hits in the game so now he has a batting average of .304. This will give him two years in arrow for the Mariners to bat over three hundred on the season. Also Robinson Cano limited to playing about half of the season will bat over three hundred as well. It would be nice if Nelson Cruz could drive in three runs Sunday so he could end the season with one hundred runs batted in. I am sure most Mariner fans hope he runs next season. I certainly do. Go M’s.



Oakland Wins Series Now Rangers

The Seattle Mariners now go into their four final games at home and the season against the Texas Rangers after losing the final game of the series against the A’s.

The A’s ended up beating the Mariners 9-3 on Wednesday night. The Mariners were hoping that Felix Hernandez could have a successful outing in his last game of the season but was for naught. He started into the fifth inning however left with a runner on base. He gave up five runs on three hits, two walks and struck out four. All but one of the runs was earned. He threw a ball into the outfield trying to get a double play on ball hit back to him.

Chasen Bradford coming in for Felix lasted only two-thirds of an inning including giving up a grand-slam home run to first baseman Matt Olson making the score 8-2.

Felix gave up a home run in both the first and second inning however Ben Gamel hit a double in the bottom of the second to drive in Nelson who walked and Kyle Seager hitting a single to tie the game 2-2. Stayed that way until the fifth inning when the A’s scored six runs. The Mariners scored another run the last of the game in the bottom of the fifth on a sacrifice fly by Nelson Cruz. The A’s scored one final run with a home run Casey Lawrence gave up in the seventh inning.

The big question now will be whether Felix Hernandez can make the starting rotation, sent to the bullpen or released where the Mariners will still have to pay off $25 million left on a last year of his current contract. He could retire as well. I am sure we will find out in the months ahead.

Marco Gonzales will be making his final start of the season against the Texas Rangers in the first game of the series. Marco is going after his 14 win of the season. Though his second half not nearly good as the first half this is still better than anyone expected out of him this season. Has a lot for us to look forward to next year.

Wade LeBlanc will start Friday going for his ninth win of the season. He has a solid era of 3.55. He should have a spot in next year’s rotation depending on who the Mariners might pick up after the season. Saturday and Sunday games don’t have the starters listed as of yet. They could go with James Paxton and Mike Leake. Paxton is one strike out from having two hundred on the season so I am sure he will want to pitch. Erasmo Ramirez might start if Leake doesn’t go on Sunday.

I am sure we will see a mixture of starting position players and reserves in these last four games. If the Mariners can beat the Rangers in all four games then they could end the season with 90 wins. Though a disappointment not making the play offs after having an 11 game lead over the A’s in late May this still would be an accomplishment.

Jerry Dipoto will be looking to see what changes he will make to the roster during the upcoming off-season. We will have to see whether he moves Dee Gordon back to center field full time or have him play some second base as well. With Robinson Cano will he play some second base along with first base? How will this work with Ryon Healy? Will the Mariners decide to trade him or play him like they have since Cano came back on August 14. A lot of answers to come along with the starting rotation and the bullpen; the Mariners offense needs improvement over the second half of the season when they scored under four runs a game when they were at 4.25 before the all-star break. It will all be interesting to see. I will be saying more after the season. Go M’s.

Walk-off Homer Even Series With A’s

The Seattle Mariners lost the opening game on Monday with the Oakland A’s at Safeco Field 7-3. James Paxton haven’t pitched because of illness only went four innings in the game throwing 71 pitches giving up two runs on three hits. Both of the runs were solo home runs on mistakes. I am sure that Servais felt Paxton couldn’t really throw more than the 71 pitches. We hope that in his last outing which could be on Saturday he will be able to go further. He left the game with the Mariners being behind 2-1 so the Mariners obviously had the chance to still win the game. Adam Warren who was the second reliever in the game gave up a solo home run in the sixth inning to Khris Davis hitting his 46th home run of the season. Although it hasn’t happened this way but it feels like all his home runs are against the Mariners. Sounds like Mike Trout and a few other guys too. The Mariners though tied the score in the bottom of the sixth inning with two runs including solo home run by Dee Gordon. Oakland won the game scoring two runs in the seventh and eighth inning. Matt Chapman hit a two-run homer off of Shawn Armstrong in the seventh inning. It was his first two runs given up since he was brought up at the beginning of the month of September from Tacoma. Casey Lawrence gave up the final two runs.

On Tuesday night the Mariners made a come from behind to win the game. Mike Leake not pitching well gave up three runs in the top of the first inning however Nelson Cruz hit a three-run homer in the bottom of the inning to tie it which was so good for the Mariners. Leake had problems where he continued being hit giving up three more runs in second inning. He didn’t give up a home run at all though he did give up a triple to lead-off hitter Nick Martini then gave up seven singles. Leake should have been out of it in the first inning when a throw by Jean Seager was dropped by Ryon Healy at first base. It was a difficult grounder to Segura so it was ruled a single.

Leake only went one and a third innings. It was the shortest outing of his career. I was surprised that Servais came to take Leake out with one out the score being 6-3. Though it was the right decision I was surprised because he never did that with other pitchers early on like Felix Hernandez.

The Mariners scored a run in the second inning plus another on a home run by Jean Segura to make the score 6-5. It looked like a game being high scoring. Chasen Bradford finished off the second inning. It was his second game in as many days.  He went the one inning than was replaced by Roenis Elias who pitched three innings giving up one run on a homer in the fifth inning. Rookie Matt Festa came in for Elias giving up a run on three hits over one-third of an inning. He was replaced by left James Pazos getting the final two outs of the inning. The rest of the bullpen didn’t give up a run including Edwin Diaz pitching the 10th inning and Alex Colome in the 11th inning. The Mariners tied the score 8-8 in the bottom of the ninth inning off of A’s closer Blake Treinen. Colome was the winning pitcher as Chris Herrmann pinch hitting for Andrew Romine who pinch run for Ryon Healy in the bottom of the ninth then played first base. Herrmann hit a walk-off two run homer in the bottom of the eleventh inning. It was off of former Mariner Emilio Pagan pitching both the 10th and 11th innings for the A’s. It was his first loss of the season. Also it was the first time the A’s gave up a run eighth inning on.

This now gives the Mariners a record of 86-71. So they could still win 90 games with missing the playoffs. Felix Hernandez will start Wednesday’s night’s game in the final game against the A’s.

The final series against the Rangers will be Marco Gonzales on Thursday night followed by Wade LeBlanc on Friday. Saturday and Sunday games haven’t been mentioned who will start however the Mariners could go with Paxton and Leake to end the season. I will give my final report card for the season certainly won’t be as good as the first half.

Mariners End Road Trip

The Seattle Mariners ended the last road trip of the season losing 6-1 in Arlington, Texas to the Texas Rangers. This ended the season with a road record of 44-37. Not at too bad. This means right now the Mariners are 41-33 at home with seven games at home remaining.

At this moment the Mariners are eight and half games behind the Oakland A’s who will be coming in to face the Mariners at Safeco Field for three games. It would be nice if the Mariners could go 5-2 at home so they can make it 90-72 for final record of the season.

It will be odd for the Mariners to face the A’s in these final three games since the A’s have won the second wild card. The Mariners are playing for pride to end the season plus auditioning for some of the players to make next season’s roster. When the season is over I will look at the overall look at the season for my final grade along with who I think should stay and who should leave. In some cases there will be a few that probably stay who shouldn’t. It will be an interesting off-season once again as well. I will look at that as well.  Probably take some time off concerning the Mariners to though will make comments on any players that are released, waived, traded or pick up by waivers or trade. Look forward to February when the Mariners report to training camp once again.

James Paxton is expected to pitch Monday night against the A’s. Long as everything goes well he will make another start on Saturday against the Rangers.

News came out on Monday that Felix Hernandez and his wife are both becoming USA citizens Monday afternoon. Congratulations for both of them. We hope that Felix does return next season with a new approach. Hate to see him retire or be released. I am sure he will have a long talk with Dipoto and Servais after the season. Go M’s.


Mariners Even Series

The Seattle Mariners are now down to their final eight games to go with one remaining in Arlington Texas then come home to finish the season at Safeco Field.

Later in the evening the A’s won 3-2 in walk-off fashion over the Minnesota Twins so the Mariners are now out of the wild card race as well. It will be one of the Mariners disappointing seasons though it will be one of their top nine winningest seasons on record even if they don’t win a single more game in the last eight.

Marco Gonzales had another outstanding outing going six innings giving up only one hit in the Mariners’ 13-0 shut out over the Rangers. The Mariners will conclude this road trip Sunday afternoon. If they win this game the road trip will end 7-3. When Gonzales left the game the Mariners were ahead 4-0. The Mariners didn’t score any runs until the fifth inning when Robinson Cano who has been hot on this road trip hit a three-run homer and then Mike Zunino hit his 20th homer in the sixth inning.

Nick Vincent pitched the seventh inning after the Mariners scored another run in the top of the inning making it 5-0. He gave up two hits and a walk without giving up a run but didn’t me much to live on since his season has been so so.

In the eighth inning veteran Bartolo Colon gave up four runs to the Mariners including a two-run homer to Dee Gordon.

Zach Curtis who the Mariners got in the trade with Jean Segura and Mitch Haniger has gone here and there since gave up the final run in the eighth inning plus three more in the ninth to put the game out of sight.

The Mariners now have the remaining game in Texas with Wade LeBlanc going for his ninth win of the season. The Mariners split the remaining eight games that will give the Mariners 89 wins on the season. It would be nice if they could win 90 wins on the season though they won’t make the playoffs.

James Paxton is hoping to take the mound on Monday back in Seattle. He would be going for his 12 win of the season. He would like to be able to make one other start as well. Right now Gonzales leads the team with 13 wins. Both he and Paxton would likely have at least 15 wins if they hadn’t missed some starts by being on the disabled list.

This season overall a good one it is still disappointing what it could have been. Next season it will be nice if the Mariners could get 18 wins out of Paxton and 17 out of Gonzales. I am sure that Dipoto will look to go out and find another starter.

It will be interesting to see what the everyday lineup will look like as well. Get to that later on after the season is over. Go M’s.

Mariners Take Series in Houston

Thursday is an off-day for the Mariners as they travel to Arlington, Texas to take on the Texas Rangers for the last three games of the season on the road.

The Mariners took this series beating the Astros 9-0 on Wednesday after being shut out on Tuesday.

Since the Mariners were swept by the Padres to basically eliminate them from the race though not technically they have hit well against both the Angels where they beat them three out of four games before coming to Houston to win another series. It wouldn’t surprise me if they win two out of three against the Rangers or even sweep them.

Kyle Seager who has had a poor season most of the year has come alive recently. Yes he has had twenty-two home runs however this second half his defense hasn’t been that good either though he has made some outstanding plays. We can see that he has struck out quite a few times and missing balls at the plate as well. He has won a few games for the Mariners but hasn’t been there when they needed him. Stats can be misleading as well since he has hovered around .220 or less all season.

The Mariners started reliever Matt Festa who pitched most of the season with Double A Arkansas. He was the Mariners 7th round pick in 2016.He went only the first inning before being replaced by Casey Lawrence who went three innings and recorded the victory. He was the only pitcher went more than one inning. Festa was able to get out Springer, Altuva and Bregman. Springer was the only one to get a hit among the three.  Lawrence pitching in nine games this is probably his best outing. He gave up one hit, two walks and struck out a batter.

Besides Festa and Lawrence the Mariners went with five other relievers giving up five hits all singles. Lawrence was followed Adam Warren giving up two the hits then Shawn Armstrong having a fantastic September giving up a hit and a walk. In 10 games he has given up five hits along with the one walk in this game and 10 strike outs. I would say he has a good chance of being in the Mariners’ bullpen next spring. Zack Duke, Justin Grimm and Roenis Elias finished the game off. Duke gave up the fifth and final sing of the game. The way this happen we might see more of an all reliever game.

Robinson Cano continue adding to his career doubles total with two of his three hits in the game. He scored two runs while driving in three. Kyle Seager who recently has decide to hit had a solo home run along with Mitch Haniger and Guillermo Heredia each having one. Haniger continues to raise his stock being one of the few Mariners having a good season. Dee Gordon, Ryon Healy and Mike Zunino were the only starters not to get a hit in the game. Zunino struck out three times.

Erasmo Ramirez will start Friday night’s game against the Ranger.  In his last outing he was only able to go four innings where he gave up four runs with three home runs. The first two were in the first inning back to by Mike Trout and Ohtani.  Playing in Arlington Ramirez will have to be careful since it is a home run park. The Mariners will be facing Connor Sadzeck who will be making his second start this year and his major league career. He has primarily been a reliever so the Rangers likely will do as the Mariners did against the Astros Wednesday night going with reliever. Marco Gonzales will go for the Mariners on Saturday night followed by Wade LeBlanc on Sunday afternoon. There was thought that Felix Hernandez might start in that game. Sounds like if can go Felix won’t start until the Mariners get home. Right now not sure when James Paxton will start a game but likely will be one of the final seven games at home.

The Mariners would have to win seven of the remaining ten games to tie the A’s without them winning a single game. The odds aren’t good are they? That would give the Mariners 91 wins on the season.  For the Mariners get to 90 wins they have to go 6-4 which is possible since they are playing seven of the ten remaining games against the Rangers.




Mariners End Five Game Win Streak in Houston

Tuesday night the Houston Astros shut out the Seattle Mariners 7-0 after the Mariners had won five straight games in Houston. With the loss the Mariners are now mathematically eliminated winning the American League western division. They are still in the running for the second wild card though the chances are where the Mariners will be eliminated soon from that as well. The Mariners have 11 games remaining however with combination of five Oakland A’s wins or five Mariner losses. This means that the odds are great they won’t make it.

Mike Leake had one bad inning in this game where he gave up four runs. Marwin Gonzales who has played well this season against the Mariners hit a two-run homer against Leake to account for two of the four runs. Leake gave up another run in the seventh inning before leaving with one out.

Chasen Bradford finished off the remaining of the seventh inning without giving up a hit.

Nick Rumbelow who is competing to see what he could be for the Mariner bullpen for next year didn’t have a good outing giving up two runs on a hit and two walks. He will have to do better if he has any chance.

The Mariners were unable do anything off of rookie Josh James making his second start of the season. James pitched five and one-third innings giving up four hits, walking two and striking out seven. He was able to throw his fastball up to one hundred miles per hour. He is showing that he should have a place on the Astros roster next year. He could have a place on the playoff roster as well.

The Mariners only had six hits in the game and half of them were off the bat of Robinson Cano who had two doubles out of his three hits. The other hits were singles by Mitch Haniger, Ben Gamel and catcher Chris Herrmann.

Rookie reliever Matt Festa seventh round draft pick in 2016 is expected to start Wednesday’s final game against the Houston. The Mariners are hoping to take the series against the Astros. Festa spent most of the year pitching for Double A Arkansas. He will be competing for a spot in the Mariners’ bullpen in spring training for a middle reliever spot. Like Edwin Diaz he is able to throw up to 100 miles per hour.

The Mariners will likely go with a right handed lineup as they go against lefty Dallas Keuchel who has a record of 11-10 with an era of 3.57. This will be another tough game for the Mariners to go up against the Astros. Right now the Mariners have a season record of 9-9 going into their final game against the Astros.

The Mariners have Thursday off before going against the Texas Rangers in Arlington. It will be important that the Mariners can sweep the Rangers before coming home for their final home stand of the season and the final seven games of the season. They will face the A’s for three games than the Rangers for the final four. Go M’s.