Mariners Look to Split with Texas

The Seattle Mariners after beating the Texas Rangers in the opening game of the four game series in Safeco Field behind the pitching of Marco Gonzales have lost the last two games in a fashion that we have seen before but I believe more in the past then in the present.

The Mariners had the lead both on Tuesday and Wednesday night however the bullpen wasn’t able to survive letting the Rangers off the hook. Both games the Mariners were leading 4-2 when Felix Hernandez and James Paxton left the games. The difference though when Hernandez left the game the bases were loaded with no outs while Paxton didn’t come out to pitch the sixth inning. The reason that Paxton was lifted he threw over thirty pitches in the fifth inning without giving up a run. Altavilla gave an unearned run in the sixth inning but it was the seventh inning where everything went badly. The Mariners scored a single run in the sixth inning to lead 5-3 but  Ryan Cook and  Marc Rzepczynski each gave up two runs. Juan Nicasio came in to keep the lead at 7-5 for the Rangers. He pitched the remaining of the seventh along with the eighth. Chasen Bradford pitched the ninth to give the Mariners a chance.

Ben Gamel pinched hit for Guillermo Heredia and hit a double. Nelson Cruz who seems to get his hitting eye back hit a hard ball to score Gamel but wasn’t able to be driven in himself for the Mariners losing in the end 7-6.

We know that the pitching isn’t going to be there every game and so with the offense but we hope that they can work together on occasion and  we hope Thursday night is one of those nights. The Houston Astros lost again to the Yankees on Wednesday night so the Mariners had another chance to tie or take the lead in the American League West.  We will know later on Thursday whether Dee Gordon will be activated as expected. I hope that the Mariners can find a lefty specialist out on the market in the same way they picked up Alex Colome and Denard Span who by the way got his first two hits as a Mariner Wednesday Night.

Chris Herrmann who made a start when called up had to go on the disabled list because of a oblique strain happening during batting practice so David Freitas was called up to be the backup catcher. We hope that Herrmann isn’t out too long since he could be valuable as a left handed hitter who could play first base well as catch. Wade LeBlanc takes the mound once again for the Mariners. We hope that he will pitch like he has in his last five outings. He is getting his pitch count up so hopefully he can go six or seven innings. Both Colome and Diaz didn’t pitch Wednesday night so they should be available. We hope that these last two games were just hiccups in the schedule. Go M’s.

Look at Mariners Stats

 The Look at the Mariners Top Players in Stats

 We maybe surprised in who leads the Mariners in the different categories.

We will begin with Wins. There is a tie with five between Marco Gonzales, Mike Leake and Felix Hernandez.  James Paxton has only four wins however has only one loss.

Losses:  Hernandez leads with four while Gonzales and Leake have three losses.

ERA: Starting rotation with at least ten outings is James Paxton at 3.10 he is followed by Marco Gonzales at 3.80.  Wade LeBlanc has pitched in ten games but only has started five with an era of 2.70

 ERA: The bullpen   James Pazos has the lowest with at least ten games at 1. 40  followed by Chase Bradford at 2.29 and Edwin Diaz at 2.83

Saves:  Edwin Diaz at nineteen

Strikeouts:  James Paxton with 90 followed by Felix Hernandez with 55 and Edwin Diaz with 48

Walks:  Felix with 28 followed by Paxton with 20

Hits given up:   Leake with 72 followed by Felix and Gonzales with 65

Home runs given up:  Felix with 11 followed by Paxton and Leake with 8

 Now when it comes to position players 

Batting average:  Jean Segura .330  Dee Gordon .304

Hits:  Segura 72     Gordon 56

Home Runs:  Haniger 11  followed by Nelson Cruz and Kyle Seager with 9.

RBI’s :   Haniger with 39      Segura  35

Walks:   Haniger 25        Cano  21

Strike Outs:   Mike Zunino  48   Haniger 47     Seager  45

Stolen Bases:   Dee Gordon  16   Segura  12

Error Made:  Segura 5   Gordon and Seager 4

Assists:     Segura   134    Seager  117

Mariners Continue to Win Despite the Offense

The Seattle Mariners Monday afternoon won again behind the starting pitching of Marco Gonzales, relievers James Pazos, Alex Colome and Edwin Diaz. Gonzales was able to go six and two-thirds innings before tiring. He gave up four hits, four walks and four strike outs so that he struggled a little bit but still pitched an outstanding game giving up one run that was not earned in a 2-1 victory.



The Rangers scored first in the top of the fourth inning however the Mariners waited later however fortunately not as late in some of the previous games. The Mariners scored their two runs in the sixth inning when Nelson Cruz drove in newcomer Denard Span and then Kyle Seager drove in Mitch Haniger. The Mariners had a chance to score a couple runs in the bottom of the seventh inning when Andrew Romine bunted two runners over to second and third base but they were both stranded. Colome came in and pitched well in the eighth inning after Pazos took care of one batter after replacing Gonzales in the sixth inning with two outs. Colome after giving up a single balked the batter to second base that was somewhat questionable and manager Servais came out to see why. It didn’t seem to faze Colome as he struck out the last batter of the eighth inning. Edwin Diaz came in the ninth inning to do his duty. He did walk a batter so the Rangers used Joey Gallo as a pinch hitter who has fifteen home runs on the season however he  pop up to end the threat. So another victory for the Mariners and Diaz with his eighteenth save.


Although the plan was to start Jean Segura in the game the Mariner’s doctor decided to scratch him from the game. He is expected to start Tuesday’s night’s game. The Mariners are hoping that Dee Gordon will be back and activated on Thursday. This should help the Mariners get back to full strength. The Mariners are hoping this means that the Mariners offense will get back on scoring runs hopefully at a clip of over four runs a game. It is nice to see the Mariners pitching especially the starters are going deep enough into games to give them a chance to win. Felix Hernandez takes the mound on Tuesday so I am sure that everyone in Mariner land are hoping that he can get past giving up so many runs in the first inning. His last outing that led to their last loss Felix gave up four runs in the first inning however he did give them a chance getting sixteen out of the last seventeen batters out. Unfortunately it was too much for the offense to overcome. I am sure the Mariners offense will break out soon and Tuesday is the day. Go M’s.

Mariners Taken On Rangers

Monday afternoon the Seattle Mariners take on the Texas Rangers in the first of a four game series.  The Mariners have won eight of their last ten games while the Rangers have gone 5-5. The Mariners right now are one game behind the division leading Houston Astros. The Astros will be taking on the Yankees in New York and the results of the game could be over or close to when the Mariners and Rangers start their game. So if the Yankees beat the Astros and the Mariners beat the Rangers the Mariners and Astros would be tied for the lead in the division.

Marco Gonzales who had an outstanding outing in his last start going seven innings will face former Mariner Doug Fister. This game will be important to both teams. The Rangers need confidence that they can get out of the cellar and the Mariners continue winning. The series against the Twins the offense struggled though they did score at important times especially late in the games however I am sure the players will want to get back to scoring runs.

Good news is that Jean Segura passed his concussion test so he should be back in the lineup Monday after missing Sunday’s game. The Mariners are expecting to have newly acquired Denard Span activated for the game. Not sure whether he will start in the game but wouldn’t surprise me at the same time. On the positive side though the offense had hard time scoring runs in the series against the Twins Ben Gamel had six hits in the series including three in Sunday’s game so he is showing the Mariners coaching staff that he still wants to start games. Both Dipoto and Servais mentioned when acquiring Span that he would play a lot though Gamel will continue to play. The Mariners will have only two days off in June so it will be important to keep all four outfielders fresh. I am sure somewhere Guillermo Heredia who has surprisingly been hitting well against righties will have a day off once in a while against a tough righty and the same would go with Mitch Haniger. Span will likely play in center field when Heredia gets a day off and Gamel will probably shift to right field when Haniger gets a day off. All four could be in the lineup if the Mariners need to give Nelson Cruz a day off. Cruz has been struggling at the plate so a day off once a week wouldn’t be a bad idea to rest him. It is nice now to have four solid outfielders where the Mariners can go with hot hands at the plate.

Dee Gordon has been taking grounders at second base and he may be activated by Thursday. At that point the Mariners will have to make a decision whether to keep Gordon Beckham or Andrew Romine as the extra infielder. Neither player is hitting well so Romine should have the advantage being with the team all season and he is available to play all positions. I hope that Dipoto can go out and get someone who can strengthen the utility position.

Besides Gonzales pitching Monday he should be followed by Felix Hernandez on Tuesday, James Paxton on Wednesday and Wade LeBlanc on Thursday. We hope that Felix can find his way through the first inning without trouble he has found himself in the last few outings. Paxton and LeBlanc  both have been pitching outstanding in May so the Mariners could win three out of four games against the Rangers. What we do know that the players have to be full of confidence  after their series against the Twins. Go M’s.

An Unusual Sweep Over Twins

It was isn’t easy and not a normal sweep for the Mariners over the Minnesota Twins. The first two games the Mariners won by one run in however on Sunday they made it to win by two runs but it didn’t happen until late in the game.

Both starting pitchers did an outstanding job going into the eighth inning they were both still on the mound and the score was 1-1. The Twins scored first in the second inning and then Kyle Seager tied the game in the fourth inning with a home run.

It did look like another game that could go into extra innings however in the bottom of the eighth inning Ben Gamel started off with a single however he was thrown out trying to steal second on a close play. Manager Servais had them review the play that looked like he was safe but with it looking so close they did not overturn it. It was a really great throw by catcher Bobby Wilson who had to come up throwing on a low pitch. Mitch Haniger walked then Nelson Cruz who was up next struck out so things looked like there would be a tie going into the ninth however Kyle Seager hit a single to move Haniger to second and then Ryon Healy hit a ball that went by the shortstop into left field. I thought the play at home plate would be close but the ball got by the left fielder and went all the way to the wall so not only did Haniger score so did Seager. Healy was on second base when newcomer catcher Chris Herrmann was at the plate. He hit a single into left field but Healy was thrown out at home to end the inning with a 3-1.

The Mariners didn’t have any plan to pitch Edwin Diaz in the game so Alex Colome the Mariners traded for along with Denard Span took the mound for the save. He got all three batters out on nine pitches without striking out anyone but no hits either his first save with the Mariners. Span should be in town for tomorrow night’s game so another move will have to be made.

Here are the moves the Mariners made. They activated Colome before the game and put Nick Vincent who was hurt in Saturday night’s game on the ten day disabled list. They brought up Chris Herrmann from Tacoma along with pitcher Dan Altavilla. To make room for Herrmann on the roster they designated Taylor Motter for assignment. If Motter isn’t claimed on waivers than he will stay on the Tacoma’s roster. Also backup catcher David Freitas was optioned to Tacoma. The Mariners will have to make another move tomorrow when Span arrives. Most likely outfielder John Andreoli will be sent back to Tacoma. Dee Gordon says that he will probably be ready to go on Thursday so the Mariners will have to make another move then. We all hope that Vincent will be ready to go when the ten days are up on the disabled list. More news will come for sure however right now the Mariners have a record of 32-20 which looks pretty good to me and better than what we expected. Go M’s.

Zunino Hits Home Run in Twelfth Inning

Saturday night the Mariners had another one of those close games which they are having frequently and probably continue until they are completely healthy. The game was zero to zero through the fifth inning until the Twins scored two runs in the top of the sixth inning however Jean Segura led off with a home run. After Haniger reached base on a walk Nelson Cruz home run for the Mariners to take a 3-2. It looked like Wade LeBlanc who pitched a wonderful game would get the victory however the Twins scored a run in the eighth inning to tie the game. Nick Vincent who got the first two outs along with walking a batter had to leave the game because of injury was replaced by James Pazos who gave up two hits that scored a run that was credited to Vincent.
The score stayed the same until the bottom of the twelfth when Mike Zunino hit a solo home run to win the game 4-3. Chase Bradford who pitched the top of the twelfth got the victory. Zunino who had struck out three times in the game was due to have contact with the ball and so he did with a long home run that had no doubt. I call him the all or nothing for a nickname. Fortunately for the Mariners he got it all this time and it was his eighth of the season.
I wonder how many home runs and doubles that Zunino could have if he went a whole season being consistent at the plate. The Mariners want him primarily for his defense and occasional bomb like in this game but having Zunino hitting .250 or higher for the whole season would be a joy to see. He would be an all-star for many years. If he isn’t able to hit any higher than the low two hundreds or like he is right now at .198 the Mariners will need to bring in another catcher. I would never get rid of Zunino because of his defense and power as long he performs but having another catcher that can hit for average would be really nice. I would like someone who bats left handed and can play first base as well. The unfortunate part though they are hard to find or I am sure Dipoto would have gotten one of them already. Anyway we will see what happens but we will enjoy Zunino as he is right now.
The Mariners will look at sweeping the Twins today with Mike Leake at the mound. After this game they will have seven more games at home before going on the road. Alex Colome the Mariners picked up along with Denard Span is supposed to arrive in time for Sunday’s game. With the unknown status of Nick Vincent injury it is a welcome sight. Jean Segura was hit in the helmet in the bottom of the eighth inning so his status is unknown after leaving the game. Gordon Beckham took his spot and Andrew Romine moved over to shortstop. Denard Span is expected in Seattle on Monday after clearing up some personal matters. It is amazing to think that when a move is made to improve the team something else happens as well. Monday the Mariners will take on the struggling Texas Rangers for a four game series in Seattle. The Mariners will finish the home stand next weekend with a series against the Tampa Bay Rays. The Mariners will go on a six game road trip after that facing the Houston Astros for two games and the Rays for four. It will be interesting to see where the Mariners record will be after that. The Mariners right now are eleven games above five hundred with a record of 31-20. I figured if the Mariners just play one game above five hundred the rest of the way in the final one hundred and eleven games they will win 87 games. We can imagine what they will do if they do even better. Go M’s.

Mariners Pickup Two Players

Friday afternoon the news came out that the Mariners made a trade with the Tampa Bay Rays to help out the bullpen and the outfield. The two players the Mariners picked up were reliever Alex Colome and outfielder Denard Span. The Mariners gave up two minor league prospects righthanded pitcher Andrew Moore who spent part of last season with the Mariners and right handed pitcher Tommy Romero who has started nine game for the Clinton LumberKings.

Neither Colome and Span haven’t had great seasons so far however their experience will help the Mariners out. Colome may be pitching the eighth inning and occasionally the ninth so that Diaz is not overly used. Last year Colome had forty-seven saves in sixty-five games. Also he only gave up four home runs and an era of 3.24. In 2016 he didn’t pitch as many games however had an era of 1.91. He had thirty-seven saves in forty opportunities. He is only twenty-nine years old so could be around for several years.

Denard Span comes in to play left field. He is a left handed hitter along with throwing left. He has played some center field so he could at times give Guillermo Heredia some time off. This means that Ben Gamel will no longer be the starter in left field but according to Jerry Dipoto he will spend regular time in the outfielder too. Gamel could play some time in right field when Mitch Haniger needs rest. It certainly gives the Mariners four solid major league outfielder. Gamel could spend time at first base as well. Depending on the health of Nelson Cruz one of the guys could dh as well so all four could be in the lineup. Dipoto sees a rotation of the four.

It looks like the trade will make the Mariners a better team. Colome is someone who helps to with the loss of David Phelps. It will be interesting to see who the Mariners will send down when they are activated. Go M’s.

Trouble in the First For Felix

So far in the season Felix Hernandez is having trouble getting out of the first inning. He has an era over twelve in the first inning.
On Thursday afternoon he gave up four runs in the first and none after that in which he pitched six innings. He walked only one batter and didn’t give a home run that he has done in games before. There are some fans wondering if he should start the game and come in the second inning or later. Other words have a relief pitcher start the game. I am not sure whether that will work at all anyway. Of course I am sure there are those who may think that Felix should be sent to the bullpen or not be on the team at all. The Mariners will still have to pay him for another season after this one whether he is on the team or not. Since he is pitching well from the second through five or six innings depending on how many pitches he throws pitching coach Mel Stottlemyre and Felix will have to look at film to see what the problem is in the first inning. We should know the problem can be corrected. At least we hope so any way. It is hard to know whether the problem is mechanical or mental. At least with the Mariners being nine games above five hundred at this time and the other starters seem to be doing well keeping Felix in the rotation a few more times should be fine. We just hope that he can work it out. The Mariners don’t have many other options in the rotation unless you bring someone up from Tacoma like Christian Bergman who had an outstanding outing when they brought him up recently.

On the positive side Felix retired sixteen of his final seventeen batters so this could be something to look forward to. We will have to wait and see.
The Mariners scored a run in the first and second inning to keep it close. Also got another run in the eighth and had runs on base but were not able to score again in a 4-3 loss. Now it is time for the Mariners to go on another five game winning streak. Yes that is how many games the Mariners won in a row before Thursday.

James Paxton goes for the Mariners Friday night in the first game of the weekend series against the Minnesota Twins at Safeco field. Paxton had another complete game in his last outing. The second one in his career both this month; of course his first one was the no-hitter. We hope again that he continues on this path of pitching outstanding games. The Mariners offense without Cano for a while along with Mitch Haniger and Nelson Cruz each nursing injuries and Dee Gordon on the ten day disabled list the Mariners will have to scratch for runs. A game like Thursday it will be important that the pitching does well. We hope that guys like Jean Segura keeps hitting well along with Ben Gamel stepping up and the continued success of Guillermo Heredia batting second. Also need to have the power come from Kyle Seager, Mike Zunino and Ryon Healy. Until Gordon gets back won’t see much at the plate from the second base spot. Whatever we get from Gordon Beckham and Andrew Romine will be bonus. On Thursday at least Romine got a hit and scored a one. Ryan Cook so far has done well since being called up for the Mariners in the bullpen. If he continues he will be a good asset coming in either the sixth or seven inning. Go M’s.

Going For the Sweep

The Seattle Mariners will be facing the Athletics in the final game of this series in Oakland Thursday afternoon. Felix Hernandez will be going for the Mariners. He has had a lot of success against the A’s. He will have to see what he can do since he hasn’t done well in last couple outings. The Mariners offense in what state it is right now might not score a lot of runs today. Of course Felix is used to the Mariners not scoring a lot of runs when he is on the mound.

Marcus Semien the shortstop of the A’s has had the most success against Felix for those who have had at least thirty at bats. He is batting .333 and includes four home runs. The next in line is Jed Lowrie who has had the most at bats with fifty-three and he is batting .245 against Felix with three home runs. Matt Joyce is the only other one in their lineup that has more than thirty at bats and he is batting .125. Not much of a sample size for the rest of the A’s lineup. Felix success against the A’s in Oakland hopefully will come to light.
In a surprise move the A’s will be having Josh Lucas making his first start in the major leagues. He was recalled last Friday May 18 and has pitched in relief a couple of games. Hard to know at this point how the Mariners will do against him.

Wednesday night Marco Gonzales probably pitched his best game against the A’s going seven innings giving up two hits, walked two batters and striking out six without allowing a run in a 1-0 victory. This I believe is the first time that Gonzales has gone seven innings and he threw one hundred and two pitches. The duo of Juan Nicasio who has struggled in May pitched the eighth inning giving up one hit however struck out a batter without walking any one. Edwin Diaz got his seventh save of the season striking out all three batters that he faced in the ninth inning. At this rate he should go way over forty saves for the season and in July be on the all-star team.

John Andreoli made his major league debut for the Mariners that including his first hit and made an outstanding catch in the outfield. He played right field in place of Mitch Haniger who is day to day after getting hit in the right wrist on Tuesday. The Mariners sent pitcher Dan Altavilla to Tacoma to make room for Andreoli. At this point the only other choice in the outfield was utility player Andrew Romine.

Guillermo Heredia who continues to do well since being put into the starting lineup with the injury then suspension of Robinson Cano scored the only run of the game after hitting a double and then Seager hit a ball to shortstop Semien who was playing in however received an error. The Mariners are now ten games above five hundred with a record of 29-19 so with the sweep the Mariners would record their thirtieth win of the series. The Mariners haven’t quite played a third of the season which puts them on pace to go over ninety wins for the season and should get a wild card birth.

Friday the Mariners will come home to face the Minnesota Twins over the weekend. James Paxton who has had an outstanding May including a no-hitter will go for the Mariners. The Mariners will finish off May at home against the Texas Rangers in four games. Go M’s.
In other news the Mariners have agreed on a new lease at Safeco Field for the next twenty-five years plus options for longer. So the Mariners will be going nowhere for now which is great news.

Injuries Continue For Mariners

Last season the Mariners were going through a lot of injuries to the pitching staff we know however this year it going with the everyday lineup. At the beginning of the season the Mariners had Ben Gamel and Mike Zunino on the shelf then Nelson Cruz and Ryon Healy a couple days later. Actually Healy started spring training not able to swing the bat however was ready when the season started before another injury happened after the third game against the Cleveland Indians at Safeco Field.

Right now Nelson Cruz is day to day and then on Tuesday Mitch Haniger was hit on the right wrist and he is day to day. Dee Gordon went on the disabled list on Tuesday with a sore toe and Daniel Vogelbach was called up in his place. Daniel Vogelbach  was designated hitter with Cruz nursing an injury. Andrew Romine came in to take Haniger’s  spot in right field. Right now only Dave Freitas the backup catcher is the only true healthy player on the bench. We will have to see whether Haniger will be back in the lineup on Wednesday or not along with Cruz. If both are not available than Vogelbach will be at designated hitter again and Romine in right field. At this point Ben Gamel will be in left field against lefties well as righties. We hope no one else gets hurt in the meantime even if it is day to day. 

The A’s took an early lead scoring a run in the fourth and fifth inning. I mentioned yesterday the key against Oakland that they Mariner pitchers don’t walk batters or  give up home runs which they didn’t.  The A’s did have a couple doubles in the game but only one brought in a run. The Mariners tied the game in the seventh inning on a two-run homer by Mike Zunino. The Mariners won the game in the top of the tenth inning on a double by Guillermo Heredia that scored Jean Segura. Edwin Diaz  came into the game to record the save in the bottom of the tenth. At this point the pitching is a key to keep the scoring low so the offense can score runs even if it is only three for the Mariners to win. So far so good against the A’s. The Astros won so the Mariners are still two games behind however the Angels lost so they are now two and half games behind the Mariners. So lets go M’s.