Free Agency Begins

On Monday teams had a chance to sign their own free agents until 2 pm on qualifying offers on a one year contract of $17.4 million only nine were offered in the whole major leagues. None of the seven Mariner free agents were offered these contracts. Out of the nine who were offered most of them likely won’t accept because they will want to look at getting a multiyear contract from either their team or one of the other teams in the majors.

Now that free agency is on it will be interesting to see how long until Seattle Mariner general manager Jerry Dipoto will sign a player. The need will be at first base, the outfield, backup catcher and pitching.

Yonder Alonso said that he was interested in returning to the Mariners and I wouldn’t be surprised if he and Dipoto have already spoken about a multiyear contract. Most likely it would be a 2yr contract with an option for a third.

Iwakuma might be the only sure return as a free agent however the Mariners will likely sign him to a minor league contract with incentives if he makes the club. Another free agent Jarrod Dyson could return however there is talk he might go to the National League and the Pittsburgh Pirates. Don’t have any idea where Danny Valencia will land and whether he or the Mariners are interested for his return. He could be that outfielder that the Mariners may want along with some playing time at first and third base. A lot will depend on what he is asking for and what the market looks like.

It is hard to know how strong Dipoto will look on the free agent market for a pitcher. He may look to sign a reliever and possibly a starter depending what the market shows. Most likely a starting pitcher the Mariners will want be found when he will do some trading. I am sure he has discussed with several teams and something could come down in the next couple weeks or so. Whatever the case we know that likely we will be surprised. So here we go free agency who and when the first signing will happen. Go M’s.



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