Last Road Trip of 2017

The Seattle Mariners continue to do what they have been doing almost all season long winning three or four games in a row and then lose the same amount. The last road trip to Texas they beat the Rangers three out of four games and then they were swept by the Astros in three games. Now they come home for their last home trip of the season against the Rangers and then finish off three against the Cleveland Indians.

The first game against the Rangers on Tuesday it was a close game with them scoring a run second inning. The Mariners came back in the fifth inning to tie the game with Ben Gamel driving in Guillermo Heredia on a double for their only game of the game. Mike Leake had another great game like all of his so far since the Mariners picked him up in August. He has given the Mariners any chance of getting in the playoffs however the rest of the team has made it difficult. He left the game after six and two-third innings with the tie. He gave up six hits and struck out five Rangers. If he pitches this way next year for the Mariners he should have a really good season and he possibly be the number one starter or number two. At this point he, Paxton and Felix should be the top three starters unless the Mariners are able to pick up another quality starter. The Mariners will be in really in good shape in that case long as Paxton and Felix can stay healthy which is questionable.

Nick Vincent gave up the two runs that gave the Rangers the win in the eighth inning. Up until a couple weeks ago he was having a fabulous season. This is hurting the Mariners in any chances for them to make the playoffs. They basically have to win every game remaining to have a chance to get into the playoffs. The only good thing is that the other teams going for the wild card are struggling as well. I don’t see whoever makes the second wild card unless by plain luck or their top starting pitcher going for them will make it beyond the play in game.

With a few changes in the lineup especially with the starting pitching the Mariners should have a good shot next season making the playoffs as long as injuries don’t happen once again.

David Phelps just had his surgery on his arm. It is expected for him to have full recovery in six weeks so he will be already to go when spring training begins. Iwakuma continues to have issues so it is unlikely he will return to the Mariners team unless they decide on a contract that will be depended on how many games he pitches and would not be surprised if it is a minor league deal so he won’t be counted against the forty man roster going into spring training.

Soon I will be giving out my report card on the Mariners in a few days depending on if they make the playoffs which is unlikely or when they are eliminated. We hope the best for the Mariners. Go M’s.




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