The Seattle Mariners blew a lead Friday night against the Angels. They had a 5-1 lead late in the game however when the Mariners had Andrew Moore come into the game to relieve in the sixth inning with a 1-1 tie. He was able to pitch well in the sixth inning however things fell apart with two outs in the seventh inning. I am not sure why manager Servais didn’t have someone ready to come in before he gave up four runs to tie the game.

After the game Servais talked about having limited pitchers to use out of the bullpen; Moore was brought up from Tacoma when James Paxton went on the disable list. The intention was to Moore and then likely sending him back down to Tacoma. According to Jerry Dipoto the twelve pitchers in Seattle and the twelve in Tacoma will be ready to pitch any time. So we will probably see a fresh arm come up from Tacoma.

I think the problem Friday night was that Servais played a defensive game when coming to the bullpen. Actually he started offensively on the fact that he took out Gonzales with one and runners on base in the fifth inning. He brought in Emilio Pagan to get the final two outs. Pagan got both outs on a total of six pitches. He then went to Moore. I am not sure why he didn’t leave Pagan in other than he wanted him to be available Saturday night as well. He brought Moore in the sixth inning. I am sort of curious because I am not sure whether Moore has pitched in relief at all. In any case he should have had someone ready in the same manner as when he pulled Gonzales. I am sure Servais didn’t think that the game would fall apart. I hope that he will do things different next time.

When I mean being offensive Servais should have someone ready anytime throughout the game. Erasmo Ramirez starts for the Mariners Saturday night. Since he has tired in the third or fourth inning I would have someone ready to go then. I would have at least one pitcher available per inning after that. In fact to be offensive I would not necessarily have someone pitching a full inning. Whoever comes in could pitch to one or two batters instead. My idea is that the Mariners pitch the game as though they are already in the playoffs. We will have to see what happens starting tonight. Of course we can’t forget it is Edgar Martinez retiring number as well. Be sure that you tune in if you have any chance to do so on either radio or television. Go M’s.


The Seattle Mariners started out slowly again in a game that is important to get them into the wild card against a division foe that has given up on the season themselves in the Oakland A’s.

Ariel Miranda who has struggled recently in his starting outings giving up multiple home runs had another one of those kinds of starts. In the first inning Khris Davis hit his 30th home run of the season with two runners on base to take a 3-0 lead. The Mariners did score one run in the 3rd inning however the A’s added two more in the bottom of the same inning to make the score 5-1.

Ryon Healy now the first baseman of the A’s after Yonder Alonso was traded over to the Mariners on Sunday hit another home run off of Miranda his twenty-first of the season to make the score 6-1. The fifth inning was the last inning that the A’s scored. At this point it looked like the Mariners would lose an important game however the Mariners made their move in the sixth inning scoring two runs in the sixth inning on a Ben Gamel double to make it 6-4. The Mariners scored two more runs one in the seventh and the other to tie on a sacrifice fly by Danny Valencia who was pinch hitting for catcher Mike Zunino.

Now that the Mariners have Yonder Alfonso on the team he and Valencia will platoon at first base. This was something that the Mariners had planned back in spring training with Valencia and Dan Vogelbach who instead was sent to triple A. The Mariners have felt good about the job Valencia has done but could not pass up the chance in getting Alonso on Sunday for Boog Powell. Alonso got his first hit as a Mariner in the sixth inning as part of that rally that allowed the Mariners to score two runs. With Valencia and Alonso to platoon it allows the Mariners to have additional hitter on the bench to pinch hit. Activating Alonso on Tuesday the Mariners placed reliever Dave Phelps on the disabled list because of his elbow he hurt on Sunday in the first game. Now the Mariners have seven pitchers in the bullpen.

Casey Lawrence who relieved for Miranda went two innings giving up a couple runs however didn’t give a run and struck out four. It was a solid outing for him however he could be sent to Tacoma for another reliever to come up to help them out.

The Mariners followed with three relievers who each went an inning without giving up a run. Only one that gave up a hit was Edwin Diaz in the tenth inning who recorded his 24th save of the season after Leonys Martin hit a home run in the top of the 10th inning to put the Mariners ahead.

Yovani Gallardo will be on the mound on Wednesday afternoon game for the Mariners before they head home to play four against the Los Angeles Angels. Gallardo has pitched well in his last couple outings and had pitched a good game against the A’s in April. It will be important that Gallardo stays away from giving up multiple runs in an inning. If he can go six innings giving up three runs or less the Mariners will be in good shape to take both games from the A’s.

The other teams that are in race for the wild card especially the second one lost their games on Tuesday and now the Mariners are tied with them going into Wednesday.

The series in Seattle against the Angels the Mariners should start James Paxton followed by Marco Gonzales making his second start for them in place of Felix Hernandez, Erasmo Ramirez and Ariel Miranda. This will be a great weekend with the Mariners retiring Edgar Martinez number. The games all should be sold out or close to it. The Mariners take care of the A’s on Wednesday and win three out of four against the Angels the Mariners will be in really good shape. Go team!

The Seattle Mariners are now in Oakland to take on the A’s in a two game series before coming home to play the Los Angeles Angles for four games and then the Baltimore Orioles for three and then they will go back on the road for the rest of August.

These nine games will be important for the Mariners to stay in the wild card race. These games are quite winnable if the Mariners can keep their head into the games. On Sunday the Mariners traded for Yonder Alonso first baseman of the A’s so all he has to do is change locker rooms and dugouts. The Mariners are hoping that Alonso could be the difference in the team making the playoffs or not. He adds more offense to the team.

The Mariners will be facing a righty Tuesday night so Alonso should be in the lineup at first base for the Mariners. In fact they will be facing a lot of righties the next couple weeks. So Valencia will be used as a backup for pinch hitting and he will be able to give Seager rest when needed as well.

Dave Phelps who had his elbow injured in the first game on Sunday will likely be put on the disabled. How long he will be out we may know later today since he is back in Seattle where he had tests made on Monday. Who takes his spot in the bullpen is anyone’s guess. With Felix on the disabled list and the Mariners really needing a starter along with a possible reliever I would not be surprised that Jerry Dipoto is on phone right now.

The Mariners will not only have to have someone added to the roster in place of Phelps they will need to make a roster move to add on Alonso as well. So at least two moves will be made on Tuesday and Alonso will give the Mariners more offense power which the Mariners will need with the lack of pitching continue to compete for the wild card spot. August could be one of the busiest months on record for Dipoto.

The Mariners will be able to add more to the roster in September as well. The lack of hitting in the catcher’s spot they will add another one and the team will be able to do some pinch hitting. Along with catching a couple position players and primarily more relievers will come aboard. If the Mariners are able to stay close like right now that could help them out quite a bit.

For now the Mariners will need to take care of the A’s, Angels and Orioles. We hope that they can get several games above the five hundred mark.

This coming weekend will be for retiring Edgar Martinez number. I hope as many as you can will make your way to Safeco Field. Go M’s.


Mariners-Royals Split Double Header and Series

I want to thank you those who have read this blog the last several day. I have to admit that I have been a bit disappointed by the lack of readership here. During the off-season the readership was very high and gave me a lot of confidence but since the regular season started it hasn’t been as good as last season.  I may need to ask questions about the Mariner season going instead of giving any wrap up of games. The following will be what I have written during the season. If you have any suggestions let me know in the comments. I really would appreciate it. So here goes the post continued.

The Seattle Mariners won the first game of Sunday’s double header. It happened because Saturday’s game was postponed of rain. The Mariners took a big lead early in the that game scoring seven runs in the first two innings however they had to hang on to win 8-7.

The Mariners scored three runs in the first inning on a two run homer by first baseman Danny Valencia and a solo by Kyle Seager. In the second inning the Mariners scored four runs that included a three run homer by Nelson Cruz to take a 7-0. Newcomer Marco Gonzales who made his first start for the Mariners in the place of Felix Hernandez who was put on the disabled list on Saturday gave up two runs on a homer in the third inning and three more runs in the fifth inning so the lead than became 7-5 before Nelson Cruz second homer in the seventh which was the difference in the game. The Mariner relievers did a good job in the first game however Nick Vincent gave up a two run homer in the eighth inning. He has had a good season so far we must forgive him having trouble once a month. The Mariners though lost Dave Phelps in the seventh inning. He hurt his elbow after getting one out and had to leave the game. No additional details but he probably will have to go on the disabled list.

The second game was not close with the Mariners losing 9-1. Erasmo Ramirez only pitched five innings giving up four runs in the third and then another run in the beginning of the sixth inning on a homer. He did pitch well the first two innings. I wonder with the loss of Phelps that Ramirez will go into the bullpen. He seems to do well as long as he only pitches a couple innings. I think he has the Gallardo syndrome. Casey Lawrence pitched one inning giving up no runs however Cody Martin who was activated for the game gave up four runs in two innings. He likely will be sent back to Tacoma.

The Mariners did make a couple trades on Sunday. The big trade first the Mariners picked up all-star first baseman Yonder Alonso from the Oakland A’s for outfielder Boog Powell who had played a little for the Mariners this season and was playing at Tacoma. The depth the Mariners have in the outfield allowed the Mariners to make that trade. Alonso will be a free agent at the end of the season. So he may be considered a rent a player however the Mariners could decide to sign him a multi-year contact.

Not exactly sure what the Mariners will do next because they still have Danny Valencia. He can play some outfield well as third base and first. My speculation is that the Mariners could trade Valencia for a starting pitcher.

The second trade was a minor league transaction. The Mariners picked up a relief pitcher and a catcher from the Tampa Bay Rays. Not sure what the Mariners will do with them however I am sure we will see the reliever have some action with the Mariners and the catcher could come up in September. It could be an audition for the backup catcher for next season. I am sure the Mariners are hoping to have someone to backup Mike Zunino who is a bit younger than Carlos Ruiz who is thirty-eight years old.

The Mariners should have details about Phelps today. With the trade to get Alonzo the Mariners will have to make a move for a roster spot for him along with one for Phelps. This could be a busy day again for general manager Jerry Dipoto. Since the Mariners are going to Oakland than Alonzo can meet the team there. Until next time go M’s.

I forgot other news. It was sad news where former player and manager Don Baylor died. He was a Mariner hitting coach at one time as well. All those in the baseball world will miss him. RIP Don Baylor.