Major League Baseball Having Expanded Rosters


Right now major league baseball expands rosters in September. They can have up to forty players if they would like to. They have a forty man roster as well as the regular twenty-man roster that goes throughout the season. If a player is brought up that is not on the forty man roster the team has to remove a player if the roster is full. The same goes if a player is traded as well.

My idea is that the team instead of having a twenty-five man roster when the season begins until September they make the roster to be twenty-eight in April and expand to thirty after the all-star break when team are playing almost every day. This would give teams players needed rest especially the bullpen or dealing with injuries.

This expansion of the roster could play out like they do in the NFL. The team would still have twenty-five players activated for a series so three would be deactivated and five after the all-star break. A team could have one of their starters be deactivated if they wanted to because they wouldn’t be pitching in that series any way. This would allow teams like the Mariners to carry at least a couple long relievers in a series instead of continuing bring them up back and forth; they could carry an extra infielder, outfielder and catcher. This way you could pinch hit for Zunino or Carlos Ruiz without worry about injury. Also you could deactivate a player like Seager was last week when he was sick or carry an extra infielder on the twenty-five roster for that series. This could go for someone like Robinson Cano or Nelson Cruz who may look at not playing in a series because of an injury and the team doesn’t have to put them on the disabled list. This would make teams more competitive and exciting during the season. The cost would not be that much more because the three to five players would be getting paid the minimum salary and the cost is not that much more than what they are getting paid in the minor leagues. This would allow the teams to be healthier as well during the season. I believe this would make major league baseball better overall as well.


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