Right when the Mariners need to stay in the race for the wild card the team decides to go flat this after going 6-3 on the last road trip they have now lost five in a row at home. Against the Los Angeles Angels they were swept where they should have won the first three games that got away because of the bullpen.

Now the first game against the Baltimore Orioles on Monday the first inning the offense had a chance to score three runs at least however left two batters on base. Jean Segura had a double followed another double by newcomer Yonder Alonso which tied the score 1-1. Cano had another hit however didn’t score Alonso but Cruz, Seager and Heredia each couldn’t bring Alonzo or Cano home.

The second inning was the big problem Yovani Gallardo had one of the biggest pitch counts for an inning that any pitcher in the major leagues this season throwing about sixty pitches. He gave up six runs in the second inning including a grand slam that made the score7-1. It pretty well put the game out of reach. Very disappointing as far as I am concerned for a veteran pitcher who right now is at the top of the rotation; he should have been ready to pitch in this game when he knew that it was important for the team. In my opinion he needs to either go to the bullpen or be released. I know that the Mariners are limited at starters with Paxton, Felix and Iwakuma out but this is all bad. If it isn’t the starter it is the bullpen.

Casey Lawrence came in the fifth inning and gave up three runs including a two-run homer to former Mariner Seth Smith. The Mariners had him pitch four innings and he likely will be sent down for another reliever.

In the ninth inning Brazilian Thyago Vieira who was called earlier in the day made his major league debut. On the first pitch he almost lost his head however he was able to snare and catch the ball off of Chris Davis. He came back to throw a 100 mph fast ball and get the final two outs as well to have a successful night. We will likely see him in another game soon.

The Mariners not only need to get a veteran starting pitcher they need to go out and get at least one veteran reliever to have any chance to make the playoffs. I am sure every fan is as frustrated as I am.

Tonight the Mariners will be going with another newcomer Albert Albers who they picked up last week from the Atlanta Braves after James Paxton was put on the disabled list. He has a lot in common with Paxton being a Canadian, lefty and went to Kentucky as well. We will see how he will do tonight. Go M’s.






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