The Seattle Mariners sometimes lets the other team get back into the game like they did on Saturday night however they did not give up and in the end won the game in ten innings 6-5.

The Yankees score a run first in the second inning however the Mariners because of home runs by Mike Zunino and Ben Gamel scored four runs in the third to take a lead of 4-1 however starter Ariel Miranda and reliever Steve Cishek allowed the Yankees back in the game but the Mariners still had a one run lead.

The Mariners brought in newly acquired David Phelps in the seventh inning. He pitched fine getting all three outs in the seventh and another out in the eighth. After the one out Servais came out and replaced Phelps with lefty specialist Marc Rzepczynski who gave up a hit and then was replaced by Nick Vincent who gave up a double that scored a run to tie the game. Robinson got a home run in the eighth inning however the Yankees came back in the ninth to score a run off of Diaz to tie the game.

Tony Zych came in the 10th inning and took care of the Yankees including striking out two. Ben Gamel who was the player the game led off the tenth with a double, the Yankees intentionally walked Cano and then Nelson Cruz singled to left field to score Gamel to win the game.

In the sixth inning Jarrod Dyson crashed in the fence that led to a Cooper triple that allowed a tying run left with an injured toe after that inning was completed. He was replaced by Heredia and they expect him to be out a game or two.

The Mariners showed again that they won after looking like they could go down to defeat. I thought that manager Servais over managed the game when he took out Phelps after one out in the eighth inning. I know often the manager goes for the odds however I think sometimes they need to leave in a pitcher as well. It is the same way where times they pinch hit for someone at other times they do not. I thought they should have pinched hit for Zunino and then he walked. I know that he has the capability to hit a ball out anytime like he did earlier in the game but he strikes out often as well. I know that they don’t want to break his confidence but I think at times he should be pitched hit for as well. In close games a decision can make a difference in a game one way or the other. Most often they just need to let the guys play. Other times it is in the gut of the manager to make a change or not.

The Mariners still continue to be inconsistent however I think they should break out of it soon and go on a good winning streak. Go M’s.

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