No Question Who Won On Sunday!


We knew going into Sunday’s game that the Mariners had a good chance in winning the game and the series against the Mets however they decided to make it no doubt at all with the final score being 9-1.

James Paxton who has had a great month of July on the mound was going to pitch on Sunday so we had a pretty good idea that the Mariners may win however the offense decided they would make it no question at all. Since the beginning of July Paxton now is 6-0 and we hope that continues into August. Also in July he got a nickname in the Big Maple and a cheering session called “the Maple Grove”. You know that you have made it when this happens in one month.

On the offense side of the ball Nelson Cruz started off hitting a home run in the first inning with two runners on base to take a 3-0 lead. In the second inning the Mariners scored another two runs including a solo homer by Leonys Martin who was recalled from Tacoma to take the place of injured outfielder Mitch Haniger. He was inserted in right field and at ninth in the batting order. Although I am glad that he played in the game the first day back I hope that Guillermo Heredia gets to play a lot beyond platooning. He will be in the lineup Monday Night in Texas as lefty Cole Hamels will be going for the Rangers. Whether it will be Dyson or Martin in the lineup is anyone’s guess at this time.

It was nice to see that Robinson Cano came out of his July slump getting a couple hits along with Cruz three-run homer in the first inning. The Mariners will need both of their bats to have a successful August when they will be on the road most of the month. They have only one week at home during August.

It was interesting to see that manager Scott Servais decided to change Ben Gamel and Jean Segura spots in the lineup for Sunday. Ben Gamel continued his hot hitting getting a couple hits leading off while Segura did get one hit himself. Playing against Hamel I expect that Segura will be back at leading off of on Monday night. It will be interesting to see if Servais decides to keep Gamel in the leadoff spot when facing righties.

When the Mariners brought Leonys Martin to take the spot of Mitch Haniger on the roster they had to dfa a player on the 40-man roster because Martin was no longer on that roster when he was sent down to Tacoma in late April. The Mariners announced that they had designated for assignment former first round pick DJ Peterson. It will be interesting whether they will have him part of a trade or that they will have him picked up by another team. A few days ago Tyler Smith was dfa’d by the Mariners and he was picked up by the Rangers. Cody Martin who was brought up the same day as Smith dfa was sent back down with adding Erasmo Ramirez to the roster. Ramirez was traded back to the Mariners for Steve Cishek last week from the Tampa Bay Rays. Ramirez is expected to start on Tuesday for the Mariners. With Monday being the trading deadline the Rangers are expected to trade Yu Darvish however if he is not he will face the Mariners in this series. It would be interesting if the Mariners decide to trade for Darvish while they are in Texas.

The Mariners will go to Kansas City to take on the Royals in a four game series before having next Monday off. The only Monday off in August. All other days off for the Mariners in August will be on Thursday. They will then play two games against the A’s in Oakland next Tuesday and Wednesday before returning home for the series against the Los Angeles Angels and the Baltimore Orioles. They will be only time home the Mariners will be in August. They will then return on the road for the rest of the month.

It will be important that the starting pitching does well while being on the road otherwise we will see changes in the bullpen over the month along with the fact to have a successful road trip. So let’s go Mariners we want you to be still in the race when August ends. I am sure we will all be tuned in to see what general manager Jerry Dipoto will do this Monday with any new roster moves.

Mariners Take on Mets Over Weekend

The Seattle Mariners now have another weekend series this time against the other New York team in the Mets. We hope that they do better than they did against the Yankees.

So far over the season the Mariners have played not as well against teams that are playing at equal or lower status. In fact it seems they have done better on the road against those teams than at home. I have to admit that I don’t know a lot about the Met’s roster. In fact so when the Mets traded Lucas Duda to Tampa Bay this week although I knew he played mostly first base and hit a lot of home runs I thought he played some catcher as well which turns out he never has and he did play some outfield in the past. The only reason I was thinking about that was why not the Mariners went after Duda if he caught as well as play first base. Of course I was wrong when I looked into it. It would be nice to have someone that could back up at catcher for the Mariners well as play some first base. Oh well!

  • I decided to look into the stats of New York Met’s catcher Travis E. d’Arnaud to see what he is about. Well looking at it he doesn’t hit much better than Zunino and if he actually played some first base what is the point of trading for him.
  • Friday night the Mariners have Ariel Miranda going for them against Rafael Montero for the Mets. If you look at the statistics the Mariners should win the game however we know how that goes. Montero has a record of 1-7 with an era 5.19 so the Mariners should be able to hit off of him and win the game. This would be a good start to the series if this can happen. The hope is that Miranda can pitch seven innings for the Mariners to help the bullpen out though they had Thursday night off. The Mets record right now is 47-53 and they are tied with Miami Marlins for third place in the National League East. We know that the Marlins have decided not to go after the playoffs since they have traded some players already like Dave Phelps reliever they sent to the Mariners. I am not sure what the Mets have that the Mariners could use in starting pitching however I am sure that Dipoto will be talking with their general manager over the weekend along with many others over the phone. We do hope that the Mariners do make a move. Also we know that Dipoto will be looking for someone that they will have control over for at least a couple more seasons. So now we say go Mariners let’s win two out of three this weekend at least.


  • Just heard news that the Mariners are reacquiring Erasmo Ramirez from the Tampa Bay Rays for reliever Steve Cishek; I am not sure however Ramirez could be in the Mariners five-man rotation. He has been used in the Ray’s bullpen to so could go either way. With acquiring Dave Phelps the need of Cishek isn’t as needed as before and he will be a free agent at the end of the season. The Mariners could go out and resign him when the season is over. Interesting news to say the least and something I didn’t expect.

Nice to Win Series Against Red Sox

Although the Mariners lost to the Red Sox in the final game of the series on Wednesday 4-0 against Chris Sale as expected they did win the series. It is something about playing teams with Sox in it this month.

It was nice that Ben Gamel was able to extend his hitting streak to thirteen games against Sale. He picked up two of the five hits against Sale. Segura, Heredia and Seager were the other ones with hits. It is a common theme hearing Segura, Heredia and Gamel in the same sentence.

Andrew Moore had another start for the Mariners and again he struggles giving up home runs but who doesn’t on the Mariners and many other teams. Of his four runs that he gave up in six and two third innings two of them were homers. He only walked one batter but what that truly means is hard to say. He could be throwing it where the batters can hit the ball. He is a control pitcher and he doesn’t throw it hard so he has to spot the ball to be effective. You wonder if the Mariners will continue to have him in the lineup. Certainly giving him experience however the Mariners are in a pennant race still for the wild card.

It is Thursday so the Mariners have the day off. I am sure many of the players are glad of that to rest. Danny Valencia and Mitch Haniger are both slumping right now so a day off would be good for them. It would be nice to give them each a day off during the New York Mets series. Gamel could play right field in one of the games and first base in another. Also it would be nice that Nelson Cruz can have some rest along with Robinson Cano and Kyle Seager. Cano had a day off scheduled on Wednesday so good that he has two days off in a row.

Speaking of the day off it would be nice if the Mariners were not playing that either the television or the radio would have one of their early games on from earlier in the season for fans to watch or listen too.


             Paxton’s Victories Are Growing

It is always nice to see your ace at a start of a series or at the end of one. Yes Paxton right now has to be considered the ace of the Mariners since Felix really isn’t anymore. It would be nice to have two aces though little later in the season when Felix has pitched a bit longer after being out for some time.

Paxton has a record of 5-0 in July after having a slow June coming back from injury himself. His record now for the season is 10-3 with an era of 2.84 after shutting down the Boston Red Sox 4-0. He went seven innings giving up four hits with no walks and ten strike outs. It would be nice if he could have had a few less strike outs so he may have been able to go another inning however no walks was a big key as well. This was a great way to get the series going against the Red Sox after the Mariners struggled against the Yankees.

Paxton is big time now for the Mariners since he has a nickname in the Big Maple and a cheering section started Monday Night called “The Maple Grove”. It wasn’t a big section however I am sure it will grow over time especially if the Mariners promote it. At least on TV they promoted it and showed the section several times.

Paxton now can be the left handed force the Mariners haven’t had since Randy Johnson left. The other lefty in the rotation Ariel Miranda can be more effective if he is in the same series as Paxton since they do pitch somewhat different though Miranda does have a pretty good fastball as well. The important thing for him is that he has to spot the fastball even more so than Paxton. He won’t be in this series like Paxton since the Mariners will be facing the Red Sox only three times. Felix will be pitching against the Red Sox Tuesday night followed by Andrew Moore Wednesday Afternoon. Miranda will start the series on Friday against the New York Mets since the Mariners have an off day on Thursday. It will be interesting if the Mariners will go with the fifth starter whether it is Gallardo or someone else on Saturday night or they will skip the spot and have Paxton pitch that night. Whatever the case Paxton will pitch the series against the Mets. It is nice to have Paxton and then Felix pitching after each other. It will be interesting if the Mariners will stay that way the rest of the season or break them up at some point. A lot will depend how Felix will be going the rest of the way.

Monday night Nick Vincent pitched the eighth inning followed by David Phelps in the ninth inning. I like that when the Mariners are not in a save situation and they don’t have to use Edwin Diaz. Depending on the amount of days they pitch in a row I like to see Phelps, Vincent and Diaz pitching the seventh, eighth and ninth innings when the game is close and the Mariners ahead. Also Steve Cishek can be put in there somewhere as well. Most likely in the sixth or seventh inning it would be good. Phelps can pitch more than one inning as well. That will help not over using either Vincent or Diaz. Another pitcher that has emerged right now is Emilio Pagan who has done well as the long reliever. Yovani Gallardo did well in that role as well before being put back in as the fifth starter. I think that the Mariners need to look down to Tacoma unless they pick up another starter before the trading deadline. The five man rotation is weak at this point. Not sure can depend on anyone outside of Paxton on a regular basis. Sometimes Felix and Miranda along with Moore on occasion; now that Iwakuma is put on the 60 day dl we may not see him again this season. Not sure whether the Mariners will resign him for next year or go out and gets a free agent pitcher or make a trade during the off-season depending who they may get in less than a week. Go M’s.

The Seattle Mariners sometimes lets the other team get back into the game like they did on Saturday night however they did not give up and in the end won the game in ten innings 6-5.

The Yankees score a run first in the second inning however the Mariners because of home runs by Mike Zunino and Ben Gamel scored four runs in the third to take a lead of 4-1 however starter Ariel Miranda and reliever Steve Cishek allowed the Yankees back in the game but the Mariners still had a one run lead.

The Mariners brought in newly acquired David Phelps in the seventh inning. He pitched fine getting all three outs in the seventh and another out in the eighth. After the one out Servais came out and replaced Phelps with lefty specialist Marc Rzepczynski who gave up a hit and then was replaced by Nick Vincent who gave up a double that scored a run to tie the game. Robinson got a home run in the eighth inning however the Yankees came back in the ninth to score a run off of Diaz to tie the game.

Tony Zych came in the 10th inning and took care of the Yankees including striking out two. Ben Gamel who was the player the game led off the tenth with a double, the Yankees intentionally walked Cano and then Nelson Cruz singled to left field to score Gamel to win the game.

In the sixth inning Jarrod Dyson crashed in the fence that led to a Cooper triple that allowed a tying run left with an injured toe after that inning was completed. He was replaced by Heredia and they expect him to be out a game or two.

The Mariners showed again that they won after looking like they could go down to defeat. I thought that manager Servais over managed the game when he took out Phelps after one out in the eighth inning. I know often the manager goes for the odds however I think sometimes they need to leave in a pitcher as well. It is the same way where times they pinch hit for someone at other times they do not. I thought they should have pinched hit for Zunino and then he walked. I know that he has the capability to hit a ball out anytime like he did earlier in the game but he strikes out often as well. I know that they don’t want to break his confidence but I think at times he should be pitched hit for as well. In close games a decision can make a difference in a game one way or the other. Most often they just need to let the guys play. Other times it is in the gut of the manager to make a change or not.

The Mariners still continue to be inconsistent however I think they should break out of it soon and go on a good winning streak. Go M’s.

In a way it was a tough series however great road trip with the Mariners taking two out of three from the Astros after sweeping the White Sox. The White Sox after the Mariners losses decided it was the end so they traded three more of their top players. Amazing what teams do when they lose to the Mariners. I wonder what the Astros will do now that they lost two out of three at home against the Mariners. Of course I am not being serious here they could keep on winning once again or fall on their faces like the Angels did in 1995 and wouldn’t it be nice to revisit that year again with a different team in its place.

The Mariners are now back at 500 with one day below. They have a record of 48-48 winning five out of six coming out of the all-star break. I am not sure what that means other than that general manager Jerry Dipoto thinks they are still a contender and he will make a trade or more to bolster the roster especially in the pitching. There is talk that they are ready to make a trade for a reliever so it could happen today. I will let others speculate who that may be.

What made that series so good was that the Mariners were in a tight series however came out being triumphant. The pitching was good in two of the three games and the defense was awesome all the way through. The Mariners depended on some timely hitting especially home runs. I guess you could say Minute Maid Park is a homers park. This series should give the players more confidence in their playing. We know to that manager Scott Servais has the primary relievers set to pitch in any series we just hope that they are not overused. Although another reliever supposed to come aboard it would be nice to get another starter as well.

The Mariners now start another well-meaning series against the New York Yankees and then the Boston Red Sox back in Safeco Field. I expect that Safeco will be filled with a lot of fans. If the Mariners can take three out of four against the Yankees then they will take over them for the second wild card and be closer to the first wild card.

Right now we have to see what trader Jerry will do over the next ten days or so. I am sure he will surprise us in some manner since he always does. It would be nice to see a major trade along with some minor ones as well. The important thing we have to remember when he makes a trade it will be for the future as well as for today. In the meantime we will enjoy Mariner baseball. Oh yes can’t forget thanks James Paxton for a well-pitched game on Wednesday afternoon. Thursday night see Felix Hernandez take care of the Yankees. He likes taking them out.



The Seattle Mariners swept the Chicago White Sox winning Sunday 7-6. It was the bullpen that helped the Mariners win along with home runs from Kyle Seager who hit the first one in the fourth after the White Sox had a 5-0 lead in the third inning. Andrew Moore had his first poor outing giving up five runs on six hits in three innings giving up three home runs including two by right fielder Garcia in the 2nd and 3rd innings.

Again the Mariners’ bullpen did a fine job giving up one run in seven innings. Emilio Pagan came in for Moore and pitched two and one-third innings giving up no runs on one hit, two walks and a strike out. Pagan has done a fine job in most of the games he has pitched in. Sam Gaviglio is expected to pitch on Tuesday in Houston. At this point not sure whether the Mariners will send down outfielder Boog Powell or Pagan. A lot that depends on whether the Mariners feel that they need Boog Powell on the bench because of the health of Nelson Cruz or a relief pitcher. Monday’s game could decide a lot which way the Mariners go. Pagan does deserve to continue pitching for the Mariners but need will be more important. If Pagan does get sent down he can’t be recalled for ten days unless an injury happens. Other words the Mariners would have to bring up another reliever within the ten days if they feel it is necessary.

Besides Pagan the Mariners have Yovani Gallardo to pitch in long relief. Also Tony Zych can pitch more than one inning if necessary depending on how much he has been used. Right now the four key relievers that throw right handed are Zych, Cishek, Vincent and Diaz. Vincent and Diaz will pitch the eighth and ninth in most cases depending how much they have been used. They both were key contributors in the series against the White Sox. Most likely they both will have Monday off against the Houston Astros since they have pitched three games in a row. Cishek will probably close in place of Diaz. This will allow them to be ready to pitch on Tuesday and Wednesday against the Astros. Gallardo hasn’t pitched since the all-star break so he likely is the first pitcher to come into the game. He has pitched well since being sent to the bullpen. He could go three or four innings if the Mariners need him to on Monday. The Mariners hope that Miranda can get into the seventh inning on Monday. Gaviglio who probably will start on Tuesday the Mariners will need the bullpen to be ready to go in the sixth inning or sooner. James Paxton should be the starter in the final game in Houston.

The bullpen will be the key to the 2nd half of the season for the Mariners. Right now Servais has them setup exactly how he wants each one to pitch of course their success will depend on the starters as well. If the starters are not able to go six innings and sometimes seven they will be worn out and not be as effective like they were in Chicago.

The Mariners next off day will be on July 27 while they are at home. The next off day will be on Monday August 7 the day before facing the A’s in Oakland. The Mariners do have three Thursday’s off in August in a row. The first one though will be where the Mariners will have to fly to Tampa Bay after the only home series in August. The third one will be on the last day of August where the Mariners will have to fly home from Baltimore. So the second off day will be the only one that will feel like a day off. They go to New York to play the Yankees in a weekend series after playing in Atlanta. So the Mariners will need to have rest for the bullpen during that period of time. It would not be a surprise to me if they will have to bring up and send down a few relievers during that period of time. So starters you are on to perform well for the next six weeks so the bullpen can be successful. Go M’s.