Smyly Out For a While

Most of us heard this week that Drew Smyly was put on the extended disabled list because he is going to be having surgery for Tommy John. We had heard earlier the Mariners were expecting him back after the All-Star break but sometimes these things happen.

During spring training he had such a great outing pitching against Felix Hernandez in the baseball classic but he got hurt shortly after that game. Interesting that everyone on the Mariners who played in the classic either got hurt or they have had poor performances for the team. We know how Diaz and Gallardo both have pitched during the season and then Segura has been hurt twice, Robinson Cano on the disabled list once and Nelson Cruz having to be dealing with injuries though he hasn’t been put on the disabled list as of yet.

This season with all these injuries I am sure the Mariners won’t allow any major leaguers to play in the classic next time. Those injuries may have happened anyway but we will never know.

Smyly now going through surgery means that the Mariners won’t be seeing him pitch for them at least until the last part of 2018 if not until 2019; actually he may never pitch for the Mariners.

The question now will the Mariners go out and pick up another starting pitcher for the stretch run or wait until next year. All this may depend on how they do going into the All-Star break. If they are still around the .500 mark for record Dipoto may decide to swing a deal otherwise may wait until the off-season.

What the Mariners give up will depend on whether they go after a fourth or fifth starter before the trading deadline or someone higher. A fourth or fifth starter the Mariners will likely trade some low minor leaguers however if they go for someone who is above those grades they may have to trade a double A or triple A prospect. Most likely what Dipoto will want he will have to wait until off-season unless he feels strongly that the Mariners can make the playoffs with one or two pitcher. This would apply to the bullpen as well as a starter.

I don’t think that Dipoto will look to sell off anyone during July or August for that matter. The reason I believe that is not the way he thinks. He will want to trade to make the team better. With the young pitchers the Mariners have used I am sure Dipoto and Servais know who they want to keep and who they don’t want to keep. The only player I see the Mariners selling off would be Jarrod Dyson because he is going to be a free agent at the end of the season and this would give Guillermo Heredia more playing time. If he is traded likely Leonys Martin will be brought up to take his spot. The Mariners could trade Steve Cishek as well depending on what they would get in return. One thing for sure the Mariners will need to build up the bullpen for next season. Outside of Nick Vincent they need someone who can pitch either the seventh or eighth inning. I am not sure how they are thinking regarding the closer position. We will see. In the meantime the Mariners take on the Angels in Anaheim over the weekend. Go M’s.

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