Trout Out for Couple Months

Here in Seattle we know it was like having Robinson Cano out of the Mariners lineup for ten days and how the offense went into a tailspin. In fact the offense is still working its way back to be where it was before his absence. The same most likely happen to the Los Angeles Angels who will lose centerfielder Michael Trout for two months.

Trout announced that he was going to have surgery on his left thumb. What is making it bad beyond the fact he is best player in the major leagues he looks to having his best season ever. He is currently batting .337 with sixteen home runs and thirty-six runs batted in. His best home run season was 2015 when he hit 41 home runs while 2014 he had 111 RBI’s. At this rate he may have hit more home runs however 111 RBI’s would have been hard to pass up.

We remember when Ken Griffey Jr was out for quite some time in 1995 when he returned the Mariners made a move to win the American League West over the Angels. I am not sure whether the Angels have the personal to do the same thing on Trout’s return. The Houston Astros are so far ahead in the division this year it may be hard for anyone to catch them in the West and likely not the Angels at this point.

I am sure we won’t miss seeing Trout when he faces the Mariners however we hope a good recovery for him. He reminds me of Bo Jackson with his power and speed. It will be interesting to see what the Angels will do with him out of the lineup for that amount of time. In the meantime we hope that the Mariners will be able to get back into the race with the return of their starting pitchers in June and July. Also we hope that the offense will now be able to do their job. If they can get back to scoring around five runs a game the Mariners should have a good chance to move up and battle the Texas Rangers for second place in the division and the wild card. I don’t think the Angels and the A’s have the power to compete over a long period of time; however, we will see won’t we. Go M’s.

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