Return of Cano

Robinson Cano has been out for the Mariners since the end of the series against the Philadelphia Phillies. The Mariners were swept by the Toronto Blue Jays than at home won two out of three against the Oakland A’s. Now they have won the first game against the Chicago White Sox and losing the last two. They play the final game Sunday against the White Sox. In the ten games they have gone 3-7.

The Mariners pitching has had its moments on the positive side however the bullpen has been struggling as well and the offensive has had bad times mainly in these three series without Cano. On Saturday night the first inning Mike Freeman who was playing second base because Danny Valencia was out to so Taylor Motter played first base. Motter had been playing in Cano’s spot before. Freeman made a miscue on a grounder that should turn into a double play. Next thing we knew starter Yovani Gallardo gave up four runs in the first including a two-runner. It was not the end of it. By the time Gallardo left the game he had given up ten runs. Later on the Mariners scored one run for the game.

Lefty Dillon Overton entered for long relief. In his four innings he gave up five runs. Not a pitching game by the Mariners and the hitting continued to suffer. So they didn’t need to use another reliever in the ninth inning Freeman who had made the error in the first inning went in and pitched. He gave up three hits and a run. Not bad under the circumstances.

Robinson Cano is suspected to rejoin the Mariners on Tuesday when they go on the road to face the Washington Nationals. When Cano went on the disabled list the Mariners were in second place and now they are in last place. The Texas Rangers who the Mariners beat in the last series has won at least ten games. In fact they won ten games in a row. The Angels and A’s have been doing well since playing the Mariners too.

Of course the Mariners haven’t been winning only because of Cano being out of action though it hasn’t helped that they are not scoring many runs. The Mariners are hoping that James Paxton the ace this season will return soon. He is expected to make a rehab assignment and then meet the Mariners while they are on the road. With Overton pitching Saturday night the Mariners have brought up Chris Heston to start on Sunday. Like several other pitchers this is another trip up for Heston to start. We hope that he will do a good job like Christian Bergman and Sam Gaviglio did in both of their starts.

We all hope that the Mariners hitters can come back alive starting Sunday and the pitching can be solid though they will still be without three starters when Paxton returns. Go M’s.

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