Edgar Gets Number Retired

Now that spring training will be here real soon and the voting of the HOF is over the Mariners announced that Edgar Martinez number 11 will be retired on August 12.

It is fitting that his number will be the second retired by the Seattle Mariners in the history of the team. Last year they retired Ken Griffey Junior’s number after being inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame.

Now it is time that Edgar has his place in the hall as well however we will have to wait at least another year if not two to see that happen. I don’t understand the writers why they couldn’t vote him in this year. There were not that many candidates that deserve to be in the HOF.

I figure if Tim Raines gets in on his final try than Edgar should be in as well. Other than the speed and stealing bases Edgar had a higher batting average than Raines along with having an on base percentage over four hundred. Edgar was never afraid to take walk. Another thing was he almost took the first pitch every time on an at bat so he could have a strike against him right off. It didn’t bother him even if he had two strikes against him. He was a patient hitter at the plate who knew what he was doing. Another thing we found near the end of his career that he had blindness in his eyes and he still hit over three hundred. He was the best right handed hitter in baseball at least during his time in the game if not for ever. He won two American League batting titles playing for the same team his entire career. Now he is showing both young players and veterans on how to hit the ball in certain situations. He has been the Mariners hitting coach for one and half seasons showing these players day in and day out how to do it. You can see especially in the late innings when the Mariners are making a rally to win or get back into the game. How long he will be a hitting coach how knows? He could end up being a manager someday too. It depends on Edgar. Anyway we salute you today Edgar for being the player and the man baseball fans can admire. We look forward to seeing you in the Mariner dugout for the season and especially on Aug. 12 when the Mariners honor you. Thanks again Edgar!

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