Scott Servais Second Season Coming

I wrote a piece about spring training coming up very soon with the new year here now however I remember that I was going to write about manager Scott Servais.

In fact I would have already have written about it however Dipoto after have an absence for about a month in acquiring players made two trades last Friday so I had to write something about those two trades.

The piece I have written about the upcoming spring training I will publish in a couple days so instead about Scott Servais. I thought he had a pretty good first season as the Mariner manager. We all know it actually was his first managing experience ever in professional baseball. It is possible he coached little league or something else but that is not that important. LOL.

The Mariners did have some rough spots during last season especially in June and July because of injuries to the starting rotation. Felix Hernandez being the primary guy out for a while; also had injury issues with TaiJuan Walker that meant another starting pitcher had to be replaced. The Mariners had to pick up a pitcher or two or go down to triple A as a minimal success. Now Walker was traded to Arizona Diamondbacks so we don’t have to worry about him any longer except to plug someone in his spot in the rotation. He likely would be the fourth starter anyway. I am not downgrading Walker I hope he has success with the Diamondbacks except when they face the Mariners.

Unlike his predecessor Servais was able to overcome injuries and the Mariners ended winning more games than they lost and almost made the playoffs. Now that he will be into his second season I am sure most of us expect more success for Servais and the Mariners. I am sure he knows the mistakes he made last year and will correct them this coming season. Of course the success of the team is more in the hands of the players however his main job is to keep a positive attitude throughout the long season.

This season coming up the team will be younger and more athletic so his managing I am sure will be different than last season. At this point he likely doesn’t know how this work out but does know it will be different like we know it will be.

Last year the Mariners scored a lot of runs with home runs which we didn’t expect either however this year the Mariners look like will score more with little ball as they call it. They will scratch to score runs. The outfielders especially will be doing more running either stealing bases or hit and run. Most of the home runs will be by the big three of Cano, Cruz and Seager along with catcher Mike Zunino and first baseman/outfielder Dan Valencia who they picked up from the Oakland A’s.

The thing about Servais seems that he is a steady guy that doesn’t let anything rock him. I guess we will see that happen again this coming season. With players with little major league experience he will have to be patient. I expect that there will not be much change in the starting lineup. At least in the order he may switch in the bottom and the top however the middle of the lineup will stay the same. Cano, Cruz and Seager will have their places solid at three, four and five in the order. I expect that Valencia will bat sixth in the lineup when he is playing. Although he will play a lot at first base platooning with Daniel Vogelbach he will be seen in the outfield as well. He will be close to be a regular player without being one if you know what I mean. Since he has a lot of experience at third base he will occasionally give Kyle Seager a day off in the field. This helps to if Seager gets hurt for a period of time.

I am sure that Servais will pencil in Leonys Martin and Mike Zunino in the seventh and eighth spots in the order. Any number of the speedy guys will fit in the ninth spot. The number one and two spots in the order will be interesting to see who will fit there. We will see and speculate throughout spring training. I am sure that Servais will try a few guys at the top of the order; most likely the ones that may end up batting ninth too.

Anyway we all are looking forward to another successful season for Servais and the Mariners. We hope this time that they make it into the playoffs and the World Series. In the meantime Go M’s.

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