Mariners Return Home From Winter Meetings

The Seattle Mariners came home after spending several days in the Washington DC area at the Winter Meetings. General Manager Jerry Dipoto was hopping to return with a top notch starting pitcher instead he came back with a pitcher adding to the depth of the team. They picked up Chris Heston a starting pitcher from the San Francisco Giants. I have to admit when I first heard I said who. He spent last season primarily on the disable list. A kind of player that Dipoto likes to pick up for depth; he did pitch a no hitter for the Giants in 2015. He is only twenty-eight years old so his future may be ahead as well.

I am sure the talking that Dipoto had during the meetings the Mariners could get a top notch starter before Christmas. If not they will do so I am sure in January. What we have learned about Dipoto he will go out and try to get the player he wants.

Getting a top notch starting pitcher is really all the Mariners need to get though an outfielder who could start on a regular basis would be real nice as well. Right now the Mariners are looking to platoon in at least one of the outfield positions in either left or right but may have to in both spots.

The Mariners bullpen looks good though adding another pitcher there would be nice as well. The Mariners infield is in pretty good shape though first base is still questionable. The catching is fine though we don’t really know how Mike Zunino will do in the coming season. We know that his defense is among the best in the major leagues but we are not sure if how his hitting well be. He doesn’t have to be a great hitter just around .230 with 20 home runs would be good enough. Anything less the Mariners will have to shop for another starting catcher.

One thing we do know for sure is that Dipoto will be keeping himself busy. He has done so since he became the general manager of the Mariners a little over a year ago. It will be interesting how manager Scott Servais will do in his second year. With more athletic players the Mariners should do more running and stealing bases along with hit and run. The middle of the lineup we will see the power however the Mariners should find a way to score more runs and we can hope the pitchers can keep the other teams from scoring runs. Now we will see what happens in the weeks to come before spring training. Go M’s.

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