Not In My House!

Wednesday afternoon when Felix Hernandez left the mound at the end of the seventh inning with the Mariners leading 1-0 over the Toronto Blue Jays that the Mariners finally won in twelve innings 2-1 he pointed to the fans of the Jays saying “Not in my house”.

Although the Mariners have six of the remaining ten games in the season are on the road I hope the rest of the Mariner players take it to heart that another team or fans can’t beat them.

In Wednesday game in the extra innings the Blue Jays had a chance to win the game when Mike Freeman had entered into the game as a substitute at shortstop may have made the most important defensive play of the season flying through the air catching the ball. Another important time was when Nick Vincent came in the game replacing Tom Wilhelmsen with runners on first and second allowing no one to score. Vincent was on the radio broadcast post-game show and you could feel how pumped up.

Friday night the Mariners start the final road trip with three games in Minnesota and then onto Houston. We hope that the players will take what Felix said and be pumped up for these last ten games. The Twins earlier in the season swept the Mariners in Seattle so now in crunch time do the same thing to them. It will not be an easy task because the Twins are out of the race so they have nothing to lose for so I am sure they would love to be spoilers. Going to Houston will not be an easy thing as well since the Astros have owned them during the season and are in the race for the wild card as well. The season will end with the Mariners playing the A’s who they have owned but again they have nothing to lose either. So everyone from Felix and down including the fans ourselves even on the road say “Not in my house”. Let the Jay fans see the three games that were in Seattle though the Mariners lost two out of the three games became the battle cry. Let’s go M’s.


Mariners Survive Twelve Innings

The Seattle Mariners needed to win Wednesday to stay in the playoff race no matter what the odds are for them. The Mariners won their 80th game with ten games remaining. Six of the games are on the road against the Minnesota Twins and then the Houston Astros before coming back home next weekend against the Oakland A’s.

Felix Hernandez pitched a pretty good game giving up no runs through seven innings. Steve Cishek got two batters out in the eighth inning before walking two. Closer Edwin Diaz struck out the final batter in the eighth and then he got the first two batters in the ninth when Edwin Encarnacion tied the score by hitting a homerun into the upper deck.

The game was tied until the bottom of the twelfth inning when Robinson Cano hit a sacrifice fly to win the game 2-1. This could make the difference for the Mariners. We will have to see when they play in Minnesota over the weekend. The Mariners pitching has been pretty good of late except a couple games while the offense was struggling. We hope that the Mariners offense can break lose. The Twins did sweep the Mariners earlier in the season when they were in the Seattle. Now we hope that the Mariners can sweep the Twins this time in Minnesota; also hope that the Mariners can take care of the Astros to.

With ten games remaining Felix should pitch two more times including the last game of the season. The last game of the season could come down to a spot in the wild card so Felix might make the difference of making it or not. Though Felix has not had his best season we still know that he would like to put them into the playoffs. The King still likes to occupy his throne. Go M’s.


Jays Blast Mariners

The game started out good for the Mariners scoring two runs in the bottom of the third inning on Tuesday night’s game against the Toronto Blue Jays who had another large crowd from British Columbia.

At that point I had hope but changed to despair pretty fast and the game itself. The top of the fourth inning the Blue Jays scored eight of their ten runs all with two outs in the inning. Iwakuma had no problem getting the first two batters out and then Chris Iannetta who was catching dropped a foul ball and then it broke loose. The Jays had two home runs each with a batter on base that made the score 4-0 and then went on to score four more runs. Not only was Iwakuma taken out of the game so was Nick Vincent who had trouble getting batters out as well. The two final runs by the Jays were home runs too. The Mariners are showing that they continue having trouble when they play in games that mean a lot. Right now the Mariners are not out of the playoffs mathematically however they have to turn things around and win most of the remaining eleven games in the season to get in. Even if they win most of those games they will likely need help to get in. They will really need to win Wednesday’s game against the Jays before going on a six game road trip to Minnesota and Houston. Minnesota has had a very bad season however earlier in the year they swept the Mariners in Seattle and we all know how the Mariners have done against Houston so it will be a tall order for sure. If they are able to be successful on this last road trip of the season they do come home for the final four games against the Oakland A’s who they have done well against all season.

Wednesday’s game Felix Hernandez will be pitching for the Mariners. He has to rebound from an awful game he pitched in his last outing. Most thought that was probably the game of the year for Felix to pitch however Wednesday’s game is the one for the year. This game will show us how much is left in Felix. I would not be surprised if he does come through since he is a competitive person and wants to show what he has. The Mariners lose this game it will be hard for them to recover to play anywhere close to get into the playoffs whatever chance they have left in making it.

These remaining eleven games will show how much character that the players have beyond talent. They will need to show how much they care despite what has happened against Houston and now the Blue Jays. The players have shown toughness this season when needed and they have shown to that they can go on a winning streak since before facing the Astros they won eight games in a row. Whether you make the playoffs or not we want to see that you have not given up on the season. So go M’s.

Mariners Offense Goes MIA

Right when the Mariners pitching is in order and the Mariners are fighting for a wild card spot in the playoffs with now twelve games remaining the offense decides to go MIA. The Mariners had the best offense in the major leagues in September up to the series against the Houston Astros but went absent except on Sunday’s afternoon game but went dormant once again on Monday night.

The Mariners were being no-hit by Toronto until the seventh inning before Robinson Cano got a single. Cano also got up again with the bases loaded but was unable to drive in a run. Leonys Martin hit a two-run homer in the ninth inning to make the game closer but the game ended with the Mariners losing to the Blue Jays 3-2. I get amazed how the whole offense can go silent all at the same time for several games especially after having a game like Sunday where they were able to score a bunch of runs. The Mariners need to find a way to score runs on any given day and not rely so much on the home run. Part of the problem is that the guys like Leonys Martin and Ketel Marte don’t have high enough batting averages or on base percentage to be effective. The Mariners need them plus Ben Gamel or Shawn O’Malley in every game to get the running game going to score a few runs each game. Also the Mariners can’t afford to have Robinson Cano, Nelson Cruz and Kyle Seager all struggle at the same time either. Aoki and Seth Smith both have been doing well at the top of the lineup but need more assistance from the big three. The Mariners don’t need all three going at the same necessarily but they need at least one that is being productive. Also they need a helping hand of Adam Lind and Mike Zunino as well. Both of them seem to go silent at times as well. I wonder if the Mariners should move Seth Smith down in the lineup when he is doing well to help score more runs. Depending on the right handed starting pitcher for the opposition I would like a lineup of Aoki, Marte or Shawn O’Malley, Cano, Cruz, Seager, Smith, Zunino, Lind and Martin. Lind in the eighth spot so there is not three left handed hitters in a row.

The Mariners now have twelve games left in the season. The Mariners will need to win the remaining two games in this series against the Blue Jays to begin with. I believe the only chance they have to make the playoffs they have to win eight of the remaining twelve games which is hard to accomplish but can be done however the offense needs to start grinding out hits and runs. Since they did win eight games in a row we know they have it in them to do so.

Speaking of the Blue Jays and their Canadian fans isn’t there a way to block the audio on television and radio when they are up to bat. I find it quite annoying to hear all those fans cheering in Seattle. Another thing is that the Mariner fans need to shout when the Mariners are up to bat. The Mariner players are feeling like they are playing on the road. Anyway let’s go team and win the remaining two games against the Blue Jays; Also anyone who can show up for the games to cheer on the Mariners. Go M’s.


Mariners Offense Comes Alive

After taking two days off against the Houston Astros Sunday the Mariners bats came alive once again. We can hope they can ride again for a while. Actually it was primarily the bat of Seth Smith that helped the Mariners beat the Astros 7-3. Smith hit two home runs driving in four runs. Also he scored three times in the game.

Sunday was another good outing for left handed starting pitcher Ariel Miranda for the Mariners. He was able to pitch seven innings and give up only two runs. In his previous outings Miranda looked like a guy who could go only six innings. In fact he would start struggling in the sixth inning. Now he is able to go seven innings for the Mariners. He continues to pitch like he has in September he likely will be one of the guys in the starting rotation in 2017. Actually the starting five in the rotation right now look like they could be in the rotation next year. The question is whether they can stay healthy and consistent.

The pitcher with the biggest question mark going into 2017 seems to be strange to say is Felix Hernandez. He has won most of his starts since coming back off the disabled list however he has been very inconsistent as well. Several of his starts he won because he was getting run support which is new for him to. We know that Felix is a fighter so I am sure he will straighten things out.

I believe the Mariners need to go out and get another starter especially one that can pitch at the top of the rotation. James Paxton and TaiJuan Walker can pitch outstanding when they are healthy however the big question is can they stay healthy. Paxton is looking like the Mariners have hoped for the last three or so seasons and Walker shows his potential now and then. In the same way as Felix he has struggled since coming off the disabled list. Coach Mel Stottlemyre worked on his mechanics and in his last outing pitched probably the best game of his career going into the sixth inning with a perfect game when Ketel Marte threw wildly to first base and then in the seventh inning gave up his first hit. He was able to pitch a complete game for the win. This is the pitcher the Mariners are looking for in Walker. We will have to see whether his remaining starts we will see the same from him. Walker actually takes the mound Monday night in the first game of the series against the Toronto Blue Jays. We hope that Walker can be close to pitching like he did in his last outing since this could be the biggest game of the season for the Mariners. Right now the Mariners are two games behind Toronto in the race for the wild card. If the Mariners can sweep the series which is a tall order than they can go ahead of the Blue Jays; they are not the only team ahead of them but they are a key one since they are playing against them. At the very least the Mariners need to win two out of the three games. The Mariners than go on the last road trip of the season to face Minnesota over the weekend and then onto Houston to face those Astros that they have had so much trouble against; the Mariners finish the season against the Oakland A’s in Seattle. Whatever the case the remaining of the season will be exciting baseball to see. If the starters can continue pitching threw six innings like they have been and the offense can score at least five runs things look good for the Mariners. In a way the Mariners control their own destiny. If they win almost all the remaining games than they should make the playoffs. Go M’s.

Astros Rule the Mariners Once Again

The Seattle Mariners were on an eight game winning streak and ten games above .500 coming home sweeping the A’s and Angels on the road. The Mariners needed to at least win two games out of three against the Astros to continue to see if they could make the playoffs as a wildcard. Unfortunately the Mariners have trouble against the Astros. On Friday night they lost 6-0 and then on Saturday night they were close but the Astros were able to score a couple runs in the sixth inning. The Mariners were able to score one run and that was it in the eighth inning when Aoki who has been hitting a hot bat doubled and came home on a hit by Seth Smith. The big three in Robinson Cano, Nelson Cruz and Kyle Seager were unable to bring Smith across the plate to at least tie the score or go ahead in the game.

The Mariners have struggled along going above the ten above .500 all season long and September is no different. Now they have to decide whether they really do want to make the playoffs or not. The pitching which struggled for some of the season has been pretty good lately however the hitters are not able to score any runs in the last couple game though they had averaged nearly seven runs a game in September before facing the Astros. We hope that the bats can come back alive Sunday afternoon and then against the Blue Jays Monday thru Wednesday. The Mariners are running out of time to make the playoffs. Although this season has been better than expected it will still be a disappointment if the Mariners don’t make the playoffs. They have had some close games they lost that should have been victories where they would be right up there giving the Rangers some fits concerning the AL Western division title. Not making the playoffs this year will certainly give us the fans what ifs for sure. We all know that the Mariners do have some short comings on the roster but they still have given us some optimism for having a really good season. Most of all I think they don’t have fire instinct in them to win the big games. I hope that next season they will add a few players to the roster that will bring along more consistency to the ball club. Mainly adding at least one pitcher to the starting rotation and a starting outfielder; another position will be first base and then Ketel Marte at shortstop whether he will be able to add to his talent or stay where he is. He has shown some talent however the Mariner will need to see more progress from him. It would be nice if he could move up to the second spot in the batting order and take care of moving runners along with either bunting or hit and run. Another area would be more consistent in the field. So Mariners get into another winning streak into the playoffs. Go M’s.

Astros Do In Mariners Again

The Houston Astros have the Mariners number it seems no matter how well they are playing. The Astros shut out the hottest hitting team in the major leagues 6-0. King Felix did not look like himself either though he has had his ups and downs all season long. It was his sixth loss of the season but could be the most important loss as well all depending on the remaining fifteen games go. Felix pitched a good first inning however he gave up two runs in the second inning although he could have given up more if it were not for a catch that Leonys Martin made against the fence to get the third out. Felix continued to struggled and lasted into the fifth inning. The bullpen did not give up a run in four and two-third innings of relief so they did give the hitters a chance to get back into the game. The Mariners offense was only able to get three hits in the whole game and one was by Shawn O’Malley who pitched hit late in the game for Seth Smith.

Hopefully the offense will be able to recover and score runs in the remaining two games of the series. James Paxton goes for the Mariners Saturday night and as long as his fingers are working right he should be able to keep the Mariners in the game. The attendance Friday night was thirty thousand and we hope that there will be a bigger crowd with a lot of noise Saturday night something that Paxton and the offense can both feed out. We know that the Mariner fans can be very noisy if they make up their minds to be. They should decide this isn’t just the regular season but that the Mariners are playing in the playoffs. Even though they are not it is sort of the same thing playing against other teams that are trying to make it into the playoffs as well. I know it has been fifteen years since the Mariners have been in the playoffs the fans still should look at that way. The Mariners do have competition for sports with the Seattle Sounders playing at 1pm and we know how faithful they are even when the team stinks and then there is the Huskies who have a sell out with the game starting around 5 pm. In any way the Mariner fans should be ready to go and have their game faces on. If nothing else pretend that they are Sounder and Husky fans or even the Seahawks fans though the team is in LA this weekend. So let’s go M’s and get back onto another winning streak. Taking another eight wins a row would be a nice start.