Cruz and Sucre Help Mariners to Victory

In another crucial game the Seattle Mariners won another close game this time on Sunday against the Minnesota Twins winning 4-3. The offense was all done by Nelson Cruz who hit two home runs despite having a sore wrist and unlikely hero in Jesus Sucre who hit his first home run of the season. Sucre who has been hot lately having a six game hitting streak also hit a double in the game as well. Right now it looks like Sucre is the second string catcher behind Mike Zunino. Iannetta who had an error in his last start that cost the Mariners eight runs and a win likely is the third string catcher now after being the starting catcher for more than half of the season. It would not surprise me if Iannetta isn’t back next year and that Sucre will continue being the backup as long as he can stay healthy. I am sure that general manager Jerry Dipoto will be looking around to see who may be available as a backup catcher as well. Sucre never has been known for his hitting and has history of being banged up however he is a very good defensive catcher. Felix Hernandez is very comfortable having Sucre being his catcher so I would not be surprised if he is on Felix next outing.

Nelson Cruz having a sore wrist the Mariners will be watching and the medical staff be sure to keep it in as good condition as possible. Since the games are still meaningful the Mariners will continue having Cruz in the lineup as the designated hitter however if the Mariners or the other team is ahead by a good margin they will take him out of the lineup. Right now Cruz has a hot bat so the Mariners will try to keep him in the lineup as much as possible especially being still in the playoff run.

The Mariners now go into Houston to take on the Astros a team that they have had problems with this season. Hopefully the Mariners can change that in this series. The Mariners will need to take two out of the three games if not all three. Iwakuma will be going for the Mariners Monday night against Collin McHugh. It is a tall order since McHugh is 4-0 with an era of 1.08 against the Mariners this season however I have to say the odds should be in the Mariners favor. McHugh has struggled this season against other ball clubs and it is time for him to do so with the Mariners. Being the first game of the series it is crucial that the Mariners win this game. This game comes in like another close one so Iwakuma will have to be at his best and the Mariners offense score a few runs. Whether they make the playoffs or not the Mariners are making it interesting and all the fans should be tuned in. It would be great to see big crowds at Safeco this coming weekend even if they are out of the race by then. Go M’s.

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