Another Close Loss

The Seattle Mariners lost another one run game this time to the Twins in Minnesota. After scoring ten runs Friday night against the twins the Mariners were only able to score two runs and losing the game 3-2. The two runs the Mariners scored was on a home run by Nelson Cruz and the Mariners were only able to get five hits. Even Cruz thought they should have scored more runs in the game. I know it doesn’t happen this way but it would have been nice if the Mariners could have saved two or three runs from Friday night to go onto Saturday’s game.

If the Mariners have a must win it is Sunday against the Twins. Right now the Mariners could be out of the playoff pitcher however this game is the most important one of the season until tomorrow and so on and so on until they are mathematically eliminated. The Mariners show the talent enough that they can score runs but there are times like Saturday night that they don’t score runs. The crazy part it is against pitchers they should be able to hit while on other occasions they are able to hit and beat top pitchers in the league. In fact twice they beat Chris Sale of the Chicago White Sox and Cole Hamels of the Texas Rangers in two straight outings one in Seattle and the other in Arlington, Texas. Sort of blows the mind to think about it. Sounds like the Mariner players have a hard time concentrating hitting against some pitchers.

The Mariners lose Sunday’s game the playoffs are likely over for them especially going into Houston and playing the Astros who have owned them all season. We know that they can win eight games in a row because they did so recently and it looks like that is what they likely will have to do to make the playoffs. Of course the eight games are what the Mariners have remaining in the season. Whatever does happen we do know that the 2016 Mariner team has been more exciting than some of the teams in the past fifteen years since they last were in the playoffs regardless of the ups and downs in the season.

Had the Mariners not have injuries to the starting rotation and had a poor month of June and into July they would have already made the playoffs. We can’t talk about what might have been but at least they showed that they would not give up after having that bad period of time. The Mariners starting rotation got back into order and has done a fine job in the last month or so however I still believe they should add another pitcher to the rotation for 2017 primarily for depth and the possibility of injuries once again. Iwakuma will be a year older and whether Paxton and Walker will deal with injuries once again is anyone’s guess. We hope that Felix can pitch up to his old form like he did in his last outing and Ariel Maranda can continue to improve but these are all questions that can’t be answered so this is the reason for more depth especially get a number one or two starter. We know the short comings of this team and I am sure that general manager Jerry Dipoto will address them. If I had to put a report card on this season right now I would give the Mariners a solid B and if they do make the playoffs it would go up to an A for sure. I am sure very few us would have expected the Mariners to have the season they have this year after last season but it has been a good one. What makes it promising to is how the minor league teams did this year as well after being considered the worst in baseball they turned around and all made the playoffs. Not sure how many true prospects the Mariners have however they do give us some hope in that area too. The do have some players that can be used as trade bait as well. When the season ends I will let you know who I think will not be back next season. In the meantime go M’s.

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