Mariners Win!

It wasn’t the greatest game by far for the Mariners however they did beat the Milwaukee Brewers in Seattle 7-6.

They had a comfortable lead and Edwin Diaz got another save though he gave up a couple runs in the top of the ninth inning. He walked a couple guys as well as giving up hits. This was his second bad outing in a row so I am sure he will be rested Saturday night. I am sure the coaching staff will go over things with him to get things back to where they were. I am sure the opposition is figuring out how to get to him. Since he does throw the ball hard I am sure they are trying to time his fast ball and hit him early. He can use his slider as well but generally it is most affective when the batter has seen the fast ball first. The key is to place the fastball where the hitter finds it hard to hit. This will all depend on the hitter since some like Mike Trout can hit a low fastball it is more likely to throw it high and inside. A problem he may be having is that he has been pitching so much lately that he is tired. Whatever the case I am sure he will get things back to where they were only a few days ago.

The Mariners reactivated Steve Cishek on Friday so he is ready to go now. He could be used in the closer row some when Diaz needs a rest or be used in a setup role ahead of the hard throwing guys. The Mariners called up Stefan Romero on Friday and sent down Dae-Ho Lee who had been in a slump for over a month. He had only five hits in his last forty-four at bats. The Mariners hope with playing every day he will get back to where he was. Romero will primarily be in the role that Lee was playing first base against left handers. He does have the flexibility to playing in the outfield as well but most likely we will not see him out there very often since Shawn O’Malley will be playing left field against lefties. Franklin Gutierrez has been in a slump as well so it will be interesting to see where things go if he continues to hit poorly. I am sure when September comes soon Heredia will be back up when the rosters are expanded and he may see more action against lefties. We could see an outfield of O’Malley, Leonys Martin and Heredia against lefties. Also Heredia will see action late in games for defensive purposes as well replacing either Seth Smith or Cruz. Even if the team is still in the playoff race in September they will want to see more of Heredia to see what future he has in a Mariner uniform. We know that Servais will go with whoever has the hottest hand. This will go primarily in the outfield, first base, shortstop and catcher.

It will be real nice if the Mariners can beat the Brewers in any fashion Saturday night to assure of winning the series. Having the sweep of the Brewers would be an added bonus going into the series against the Yankees. With the elbow of Paxton it is still not sure what the rotation of the Mariners will look like. We know that Felix, Iwakuma and LeBlanc will be there but who else is a question mark. So in the meantime let’s relax and enjoy. Go M’s.

Mariners and Angels Break Even

On Thursday night the Seattle Mariners lost to the Los Angeles Angels 6-4. Iwakuma pitched a pretty good game so he deserved to have has fifteenth win instead of a loss. Part of the problem early Kyle Seager had an error that allowed two runs score along with the fact that Nick Vincent had another terrible outing in the game. Seager seems to be great one game and then not so great the next one. Cano and Cruz each had a home run to keep the Mariners in the game.

The Mariners should have won three out of the four games instead of only two wins. Teams that are in a race for the playoffs have to win three games especially against a team like Angels who had lost eleven games in a row. Another problem is that the Mariners have done poorly against the other teams in the American League West. If they had done better they would be closer to the Rangers and have a better shot at winning the division or at least the wildcard. At the end of August and much of September they will be playing their division foes so to make the playoffs they have to do much better against the Rangers, Astros, Angels and A’s. They need to have a winning record against those teams especially the Rangers. It would be nice if they could win most of the games against the Rangers. We do see that they are capable of doing so but they must go out and do so. No more making critical mistakes especially on defense. The Mariners are in close games most of the time so those mistakes can’t happen.

Right now the Mariners can’t use Nick Vincent in close games until something gets turned around. Stottlemyre and Hampton need to look into his delivery. Steve Cishek is coming back and should take the innings that Vincent is doing now. In the same manner as sending down TaiJuan Walker to straighten out his pitching; I am not sure Vincent can be optioned but he needs to have his delivery corrected.

Right now the players that are struggling on the roster need to look at themselves and in some cases play less. I don’t want to see the Mariners lose out on the playoffs because the right players were not playing. The Mariners show that they can be a good team so they need to step it up like Servais said when the Griffey Jr weekend was here. The positive side is that they are playing the Brewers this weekend and the Yankees are coming to town to. The Mariners have done well against the National League and the Yankees are not the same team they were when the Mariners last played them. Also the Mariners have done much better at home too.

The new Mariners ownership group was approved by Major League Baseball on Thursday. Just like the management team we can hope the culture of the ownership will put the Mariners into the playoffs for the years to come much like the Seahawks. Go M’s.

Mariners Skim By Angels

Wednesday night the Mariners beat the Angels 4-3 by the narrows of margins. Going into the games we had questions because Cody Martin was making his first start for the Mariners. It did not help that the Angels loaded the bases in the first inning with no outs. Fortunately for the Mariners the Angels only scored two runs. Also helped the Mariners scored two runs to tie the game 2-2.

The Mariners added two more runs to make the score 4-2 however the Angels scored another run late into the game to make it 4-3. The reason the Mariners won was that Kyle Seager made an outstanding stop and throw to end the game. The Angels had two runners on base if Seager had not made the play the Angels would have won the game. Edwin Diaz got his eighth save in as many outings however the save or at least the assist should have gone to Seager.

Drew Storen made a great contribution to for the Mariners. He came in for Cody Martin in the fifth inning with the bases loaded. He was able to get the team out of the mess without the Angels scoring any runs.

Now the Mariners go into the fourth and final game of the series ahead 2-1. Iwakuma pitches Thursday night for the Mariners while Shoemaker does for the Angels. Shoemaker pitches well for the Angels in Seattle though the Mariners won the game and series. Right now Iwakuma is pitching well for the Mariners and it would be nice to see them when again. The key to the game is to make sure that Mike Trout can stay as quiet as possible in the game which he was able to do on Wednesday night.

Steve Cishek may be reactivated over the weekend however he is expected to make another rehab assignment for the Everett Aquasox. Where the Mariners plan to use him it is hard to tell. I am sure he will be in the mix with Tom Wilhelmsen and Arquimedes Caminero in the seventh and eighth inning. He likely will close when Edwin Diaz needs a rest depending who is coming up for the opposition. I am sure Wilhelmsen and Caminero will be used in the ninth inning as well. A lot will depend on Cishek’s success and how often Diaz is being used. If not tonight it would be nice the bullpen can have some rest over the weekend against the Milwaukee Brewers. Go M’s.

Mariners Can’t Hold Lead Twice

On Tuesday night it looked like the Mariners were going to breeze to another win going into the sixth inning. The Mariners had a 4-1 lead with Miranda still on the mound starting the sixth inning. Up to that point Miranda was doing well however he walked two batters with no outs, Servais went out to take him out and bring in Nick Vincent. I was hoping that Vincent would have Pujois hit into a double play instead he hit a home run to tie the game at 4-4. I had confidence that the Mariners could come back and take the lead even when Vincent allowed another home run off catcher Bandy.

Former Mariner J.C. Ramirez pitching for the Angels allowed two runs with two wild pitches and a sacrifice fly by Seager to make it 6-5. I felt good still because reliever Caminero came in the eighth inning after Vidal Nuno took care of the Angels in the seventh. Caminero gave up three hits including a home run for the Angels to win 7-6.

I knew the Angels would break their losing streak but I surprised it happened Tuesday night. It had been a while since two relievers had blown holds in the same game. I still figured the Mariners would still win after the first run given up by Caminero to tie the game but the home run took the air out of me.

I thought it was so good that Miranda was able to go as far as he could to give the Mariners a really good chance in winning. Wednesday night Cody Martin goes for the Mariners since James Paxton was put on the disabled list and TaiJuan Walker was sent down to Tacoma. I hope that Martin will pitch in almost the same manner as Miranda did but the bullpen will rebound. Wieland who started last Friday in the only loss last weekend over the Oakland A’s will be available to pitch out of the bullpen. I hope that the Mariners won’t need him unless it is to pitch one inning. Iwakuma will pitch on Thursday night so the Mariners do still have a chance to win three out of four in this series. So much is in the air since the Mariners right now have Iwakuma, Felix and Wade LeBlanc as their three capable starters. Hopefully the bullpen won’t be over used to have the same problem the team had in July. It would be nice if the Mariners could go out and get another capable starter like they did when they got LeBlanc from the Blue Jays. I am sure Dipoto is looking around both leagues to do so. In the meantime let’s go M’s.

Mariners and Angels Going Different Directions

Although the game on Monday night was close the Mariners and Angels are going two different directions. This was the eleventh loss in a row for the Angels while the Mariners have won eleven out of thirteen games.

The Mariners have won four straight against the Angels in the last couple weeks and if it were not for Mike Trout the games would not have even been as close as they were. Trout hit another home run Monday night off of Felix and nearly another off of Tom Wilhelmsen who got the swelmet award for the game which I don’t really understand.

It was nice to see that Nelson Cruz hit a high home run in Anaheim for his 30th of his season. This is his second season in a row with at least thirty home runs for the Mariners. The last one to do so was Richie Sexton.I would give the player of the game to King Felix. It was his 150th win with the Mariners. With some luck it likely would have been at least 160.

Nelson Cruz home run was another difference to the Mariners in a win by one of the big three. One of the reasons the Mariners have been doing so well besides the pitching is that at least one of the big three have been contributing in each game. As long as that continues the Mariners should be in very good place.

Tuesday night Ariel Maranda will be making another start for the Mariners. The Mariners should do well as long as he can go at least five or six innings and stay away from giving up a home run to Mike Trout especially with batters on base.

I see the Mariners should win two out of the three remaining games against the Angels. That is a good deal coming home against the Milwaukee Brewers. Again if the Mariners can win two out of three over the weekend it continues to be a good sign for the team. The Mariners should be in good shape at the end of the month when they take on the Rangers. Go M’s.


Mariners Take Two out of Three

Although I did not like the way things went on Friday night for the Mariners against the A’s at least they bounced back to beat them on Saturday night and on Sunday.

On Friday night I thought the starting pitcher should have been taken out of the game after the fifth inning or at the very least when he gave a hit instead of waiting until he gave up three runs after the Mariners were in a tie.

Saturday Iwakuma pitched for the Mariners and he did OK for at least him. The bullpen again did an outstanding job allowing the Mariners to win a close game.

On Sunday the Mariners won the game fairly handy winning 8-4. Wade LeBlanc pitched at least the minimum I am sure the coaching staff wanted him to do going six innings. He gave up three runs on two home runs. Davis the left fielder for the A’s hit his thirtieth home of the season with a runner on base. At the time it did not seem like a big deal in the sixth inning because the Mariners were still leading 7-3.

Speaking of the sixth inning with the Mariners leading 4-1 Kyle Seager hit a double with the bases loaded to drive in three runs to make it 7-1 and put the game almost out of reach. He had another double to that drove in a run so he had a total of four runs batted in.

The Mariners had four other players that drove in a run a piece that helped in making the difference in the game. Left fielder Aoki drove in a run as well as Robinson Cano, Shawn O’Malley and Adam Lind. Actually Adam Lind’s was on a home run that he hit in the second inning to score the Mariners first run. The A’s actually tied the score in the bottom of the second off the bat of third baseman Healy.

Reliever Storen was the only one out of the bullpen to give up a run on a homer by right fielder Eibner. All four runs the A’s scored were on home runs. Fortunately only one had a runner on base.

Again reliever Caminero came into the eighth inning. He did give up two hits however was able to shut the door with two strike outs. Nick Vincent finished off in the ninth inning giving up just one hit but no runs. No save in the game since the Mariners had a four run lead.

Monday night the Mariners are in Anaheim to start a four game series against the Angels. King Felix goes for the Mariners in the opening game of the series. The Mariners should be in pretty good shape if Felix can pitch again like he did against the Detroit Tigers and Justin Verlander. The Angels are on a ten game losing streak so they are in a good position for the Mariners to continue on winning. The Mariners are now eight games above .500 with a record of 62-54. The Mariners are expecting James Paxton ready to go on Tuesday against the Angels. If need be they could move him back a day or two as well.

How the Mariners have been playing as of yet with a good job by the starting rotation, lights out by the bullpen and timely hitting they should continue winning at a good pace. So we should sit back and enjoy what we are seeing right now. Go M’s.

Mariners Get Back On Board

I had to shake my head after the loss on Friday night against the A’s however it was nice to see that Mariners were able to come back to win on Saturday night 4-3.

Iwakuma pitched for five and one-third inning than followed by Nick Vincent to finish off the sixth inning. Caminero pitched the seventh followed by Wilhelmsen in eighth and finally closed by Edwin Diaz. These seem to be the primary pitchers coming out of the bullpen. Former closer Steve Cishek is doing a rehab assignment in Everett right now. He will be thrown into the mix to when he gets reactivated which is expected to be next weekend. Though Diaz is the primary closer we will likely see Cishek pitching in that role when Diaz needs a day off. Whatever the case maybe the bullpen is a shutdown; the opposition will need to be ahead going into the seventh inning or they will be in deep trouble.

On the offensive side the Mariners scored by two of the big three Nelson Cruz and Robinson Cano each hitting a home run. As long as the big three are doing their job along with some contribution from the rest of the lineup the Mariners are in pretty good shape. The important thing is that the starting rotation keeps going and we will see no more injuries among them. James Paxton is expected to be back on Tuesday to pitch. It will be nice to see him pitching like he has been recently.

Wade LeBlanc goes against the A’s Sunday. If he can pitch at least five inning or go six innings the Mariners will be in good shape to win the game. It will be real nice for the Mariners to win the series against the A’s. Also be nice to have a solid starting rotation too.

Everything seems to be solid for the Mariners and they are playing an easier schedule now than they did in June and July. They will be facing the Rangers at the end of August and the first week of September. The Mariners are seven games about .500 right now and it would be nice if they could get up to ten over when they meet the Rangers.

Since the pitching seems to be back in order it would be nice if the Mariners could add another player in the outfield. I like Shawn O’Malley as the utility player however the Mariners could use a young veteran outfielder who not only plays the rest of this season but through 2017 as well. Whether one is available it is hard to know. I like how the roster is set otherwise. Go M’s.