Tanaka KO’s Mariners

The Seattle was shutout by the Tanaka and the New York Yankees on Wednesday night 5-0. It was the second straight loss for the Mariners both to the New York Yankees.

Now the Mariners will be going to Chicago to have a four game series against the White Sox before going to Texas to face the Rangers. This away series will be important for the Mariners to stay in the race for the Playoffs. In fact if the Mariners can do a great job against both teams this will help them get closer to the lead in the division as well.

The Mariners offense will need to come back alive after taking two days off along with the starting rotation doing their job. I am sure the bullpen is fine as long as they are not overworked. James Paxton is expected to pitch for the Mariners on Thursday. It will be real nice if he can recover and have an outing like he did in last time out or at the minimum something close. It is very important that starters go at least six innings giving up no more than two or three runs. It will be nice for the offense to average five runs during this road trip.

Besides the good pitching by Tanaka going seven innings gave up six hits, one walk and struck out five Mariners Gary Sanchez homered again for the Yankees. He seems to be a guy who is going to give teams trouble and he the catcher for the Yankees too.

The Yankees are now a younger team having no ARod any longer and first baseman/designated hitter Mark Teixeira will retire at the end of the year. The Yankees most likely go on the free agent market to fill holes make them a stronger team next season.

It is important that the Mariners offense will come back into action the Mariners will need them to do so. Kyle Seager missed the game because of a slight injury hopefully he will not be out for very long. Also Nelson Cruz is hurt a little as well and the Mariners need him along with Seager and Cano to continue getting the job done to get into the playoffs. The Mariners will need other players to step up on the offensive side of the ball as well.

I will be off for a family wedding over the next few days. I hope that I will have a little free time to see how the Mariners do and give my analyze. Everyone have a great weekend. I will be reporting back next Tuesday if not before then.


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