The King is Back

Saturday night Felix Hernandez pitched like we are all familiar with and why he is called the King. He pitched eight innings and gave up only one walk with two runs however they were caused in the eighth inning when Shawn O’Malley miss played a ball and another run was scored on a hit. Felix has won every game he has pitched since he came off the disabled list but this was the best one he has pitched and we recognize him as the King. I believe a lot has to do with the catching of Mike Zunino as well. Besides his fine catching Zunino hit his eighth home run with the Mariners and drove in three runs. The score ended up being 8-2. Steve Cishek pitched his first action since coming off the disabled list getting all three batters in the top of the ninth inning.

Zunino’s hitting looks so much better than last season. He is more discipline at the plate and not going after so many balls out of the strike zone. He is looking to drive the ball especially the other way.

Keep this short since Sunday’s game is about ready to start. The Mariners are looking to sweep the Brewers and then they will take on the Yankees on Monday. Go M’s.


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