Mariners Need Shaking Up

The Seattle Mariners are playing the best team in baseball however this mean that they have to lay down for the weekend. On Friday night the Mariners played a terrible game in Chicago losing 12-1. Iwakuma pitched three innings giving up five runs before being removed. We found out that he had a bad shoulder. Now will he miss some time? I guess we will find out. Nathan Karns came in and gave up five runs. This is the second bad outing in a row for Karns. I wonder if he has some injury issues as well.

We have seen what the Mariners are capable of on the good side as well as the bad side. They are still one game above five hundred and still have a chance to make the playoffs. For them to do so Dipoto has to go out and get a few players added to the roster. We don’t want them to get rid of players that could have a future with the team unless those in return will benefit the team for a few years as well. It is possible one or two players could make the difference or on the other hand they just may stay at the same place the rest of the season right around five hundred.

Right now Dipoto has to decide what changes that would make the Mariners a team that will win around eighty-eight wins. If there are none out there than I would not make any trades unless it will benefit the Mariners for next season. We know that with the current roster the team will end the season right around even at eight-two wins. Actually with an easier schedule supposed to happen in August the win total couple go to eighty-five wins. An upgrade of players on the roster could expand that for three more wins and allow them to make the playoffs. Another question though even if they make the playoffs will it be for a wild-card playoff where it could be where they lose in the one game. I am glad that Dipoto is the one that has to think and answer these questions.

Saturday’s game it will be nice if the players can rebound and win the game. This is an important game regardless what happens on Sunday. If the Mariners get swept by the Cubs what will Dipoto do on Monday when the trading dead line ends without waivers. There will be players that they can go after in August as long as they can pass through waivers. I am sure we will see the Mariners make a trade or two over the next couple days however will they be like the Montgomery and Benoit trades or something greater. Let’s see with anticipation. Go M’s.


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