Mariners Are In Chicago

In only a few hours the Seattle Mariners take on the Chicago Cubs in Wrigley Field for a day game. For many years all the games in Wrigley Field were during the day time. They still play majority of the games during the day time. Wrigley Field is like no other in baseball although the one in Boston is close. This is probably true because they were both built about the same time.

Friday’s game should be exciting with two of the hottest pitchers going against each other with Iwakuma going for the Mariners against Jon Lester for the Cubs. Of course we always like it when Lester is pitching against the Mariners because of his local connection. He grew up in Puyallup and went to Bellarmine High School in Tacoma. For us on the south sound can’t get much closer than that.

This should be a close game however Iwakuma must keep his pitches either low or high. In other words he is known for giving up some home runs and it is easy to hit home runs in Wrigley Field. The Mariners will hope to do the same thing. Since Lester is a lefty we should be seeing the lineup the Mariners usually give out. I haven’t seen the lineup posted yet but we should see Franklin Gutierrez in the outfield with Dae-Ho Lee at first base. We will see if Nelson Cruz is back in the lineup after missing the last game in Pittsburgh. He has been able to have two days off so hopefully he will be feeling fine.

Now that trading deadline is coming close more rumors will be coming out who the Mariners may trade or who the other teams are interested in. TaiJuan Walker who has been mentioned in a few rumors he is expected to make a rehab assignment outing for Tacoma on this upcoming Monday and the be activated off the disabled list to make his first start for the Mariners for some time. Other rumors have been around James Paxton. I expect in either Walker or Paxton the other team will have to give them something very outstanding especially in the case of Walker. Since he is potentially a number one starter the Mariners will need a pretty good return in their investment. Paxton though he hasn’t been healthy over the last few years and not meeting his potential either he is a hard throwing lefty that is hard to come by so I am sure the other team would have to give something substantial for him to though not as much as for Walker. The Mariners have the cards so they will not deal either one unless something fantastic comes in return.

In other rumors is the possibility is for the Mariners to trade Wade Miley. He is a more likelihood to be traded by the Mariners however they won’t just give him away. Adam Lind is another since he will be a free agent at the end of the year. I don’t see Dipoto just giving him away to. This weekend will be interesting to see what happens in both on the field and off. Go M’s.


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