Pirates Beat Up Mariners

When James Paxton left the game after pitching five innings the Mariners were only down to the Pittsburgh Pirates 3-1. It did look like the Mariners had a chance to come back and win the game however in the seventh inning the Pirates started beating up on the Mariner relievers and the game was history.

Paxton gave up three runs in the third inning only and it was when Aoki tried to dive for a ball he did not catch. It ended up leading to putting the Pirates ahead. Paxton left the game after five innings because he had thrown 97 pitches in the game. He was replaced by newcomer Drew Storen who the Mariners had gotten from Toronto Blue Jays the night before for fellow reliever Joaquin Benoit.

Storen pitched one good inning getting all three outs in the sixth inning however things went the other way in the seventh inning and he only lasted a third of an inning that helped bring in four runs. He walked in a run with the bases loaded and replaced by Nathan Karns who gave up a double that scored three more runs. Karns finished off the inning however all the runs were given to Storen. Sometimes this shows how the era doesn’t always look right on a pitchers record.

David Rollins pitched the eighth inning giving up another three runs that ended the chance of the Mariners winning if at all after the seventh inning.

Manager Scott Servais admitted putting Storen out in the seventh inning was a bad idea. In all his games with Toronto except for one Storen pitched only one inning. I am sure that is what Servais will do in the future. At least in this one game Storen showed that he is a one inning pitcher. Live and learn I guess you can say.

The Mariners have another off-day Thursday and then takes on the Cubs in Chicago over the weekend. The first two games are during the day while Sunday is a night game being broadcasted nationally on ESPN Sunday Night baseball. Sounds ridiculous that the Mariners play a night game in Chicago before coming home to play the Red Sox on Monday; you would think they would schedule a Sunday night game when the team has a day off on Monday and do not have to fly home. It is nice to see the Mariners get some national exposure however it is really necessary?

Now only a few days left in July so we will have to see if the Mariners make another trade before the deadline. Benoit for Storen was after the Mariners left Toronto. Do you think the Mariners will make a trade with the Pirates? That would be something unless they make another with the Cubs while in Chicago. They could make one on Sunday night so the player could ride back with the team. Anyway Go M’s.


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