Sunday Mariners Bats Go Silent

While we all celebrate Jr Griffey into the Hall of Fame on Sunday the Mariners bats went silent after having a power display on Saturday.

Former Mariner pitcher JA Happ who played for them up to the trading deadline last year gave up only one hit in six innings. At that point the Blue Jays were leading 2-0 which turned out to be the winning score too. The Mariners got a pretty good performance out of Wade Miley for his six innings of work. He was followed by Tom Wilhelmsen and Benoit each going for an inning. Benoit had not pitched since his last outing where he had given up three runs. We hope that his shoulder is feeling fine now. It would be good if he and Edwin Diaz could take turns pitching the eighth inning though a lot of Mariner fans wished that Diaz was the closer or at the very least share it with Cishek. I would like to see Diaz close out a game at least once to see how he does. If he is successful I would like to see him close games when the Mariners have a one run lead going into the ninth inning. Cishek could be the closer when they have a three-run lead with Diaz warming up just in case. Ideally would be for the Mariners this week go out and get an experienced closer. In this scenario Diaz and Cishek could pitch either the seventh or eighth inning. It is important to have someone in those innings to shut the door on the other team too. I am not sure exactly what to do with Benoit except use him in the eighth inning when the Mariners have a three-run lead and again have someone warming up just in case they get hitters on base.

I like having either LeBlanc or Karns being the first reliever coming into the game and then followed by Wilhelmsen depending on the inning. It would be nice to have Nick Vincent around when he comes off the disabled list. At this point don’t have any inning idea when that will happen. Charlie Furbush is pitching for Tacoma in rehab assignment so hopefully he will be available next week when August arrives.

Other than a couple moves the Mariners look pretty set going into August when they will start playing easier teams. Although Aoki looks like he has rebounded after a stint in Tacoma I would like still that the Mariners go after an outfielder that at least get into the mix with those already on the roster; someone who the Mariners will play in either left or right on a regular basis along with playing some centerfield. If the guy is a right handed hitter than he can platoon with Aoki and then play well in the outfield where he can come in later in the game when he isn’t starting.

I heard the Mariners are looking to bring up another position player for the next five games against the Pittsburgh Pirates and Chicago Cubs since it will be inter-league play. I am sure the well-traveled reliever Dave Rollins will be sent down. I am sure the position player maybe Stefan Romero since Daniel Robertson won’t have ten days required before going back up. With the year Romero has been having he deserves a call up unless the Mariners can pull off a trade for an outfielder by Tuesday. Anyway we should hear some news before the Mariners take the field on Tuesday against the Pirates. In the meantime enjoy the day off and watch Jr Griffey’s acceptance speech again. Go M’s.


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