Another Win Over Cards

Saturday night the Seattle Mariners scored five runs in the first two innings before holding on to win the game 5-4.

Nathan Karns came out pitching well the first two and two-thirds innings getting the first eight batters out. He struggled though trying to get the third out. He ended up giving up one run the third inning however he had to have some luck involved. The fourth inning he did fine again and it looked like could go deep into the game however he struggled again in the fifth giving up a three run homer. The highlight of the fifth inning was when a fan ran onto the field while a ball was hit to Seth Smith who was able to catch the ball. One of the security guards was able to tackle him and take him down. The guard should get a tryout with the Seahawks.

Mike Montgomery came in and pitched two outstanding innings. He should be the player of the game for the Mariners. Really like it when Montgomery is able to pitch this way. He is able to give the other relievers a chance to get some more rest.

I know that the Mariners would like Karns to go deep as he can in a game however his history especially in June he has trouble in at least one inning early in the game. My thought is that the Mariners should have a pitcher warming up at the fifth inning just in case he does get in trouble so can enter the game quickly. It was fortunate that the Mariners had a 5-0 lead and was able to chase the Cardinals starter but they should not let them get back into the game. I would have been upset if the Cardinals would have come back to win the game. Hopefully the coaching staff learns from this and has someone ready in Karns next outing; can’t let a game like this get away from them.

On Monday the Mariners will have a needed day off for sure before hosting the Pittsburgh Pirates in Safeco Field. It would not only be nice to sweep the Cardinals but to take both games against the Pirates since they have been struggling this month as well. The Mariners show that they can match up well with the National League. It will be good if the Mariners can go with the eight man bullpen until the all-star break. Wade Miley should be back next week and Felix should return just after the all-star break. I would still like the Mariners to go after an outfielder that can play every day instead of platooning. We can hope that Dipoto is on the phones hearing from teams that are no longer in the race to see who they have willing to give up. In the meantime let’s continue going for it M’s.


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