Thanks Adam Lind

Friday night Adam Lind hit a walk- off home run for the Mariners over the St. Louis Cardinals in Seattle to win 4-3. The Mariners we going into the bottom of ninth behind 3-1 after reliever Benoit gave up three runs in the eighth inning. We now see if this will put the Mariners into a little win streak themselves after losing six straight games including being swept in four games by the Detroit Tigers.

Wade LeBlanc who the Mariners got in a trade from the Toronto Blue Jays on Wednesday started in the place of TaiJuan Walker who was unable to go because of his injury. Walker should be back next week to pitch along with Wade Miley who will come off the disabled list.

On Friday the Mariners made several transactions besides add LeBlanc to the roster. They sent leftfielder Nori Aoki on options to Tacoma to work on his hitting especially against left handed pitchers. Also Tom Wilhelmsen was sent down to Tacoma as well. The Mariners brought up reliever Dave Rollins and Donn Roach who came in to replace Benoit and got the victory for the Mariners.

In other news Adrian Sampson who was supposed to start on Thursday was added to the disabled list as well. More News came out that he will need surgery and likely will be out for the rest of the season.

When Miley makes his next start the Mariners will have to make another move to the roster. I am sure the Mariners will eventually make another move when the bullpen is rested because the Mariners have only two players coming off the bench besides Steve Clevenger the Mariners backup catcher. On Friday the Mariners lineup included Lee playing first base and Adam Lind at designated hitter so Franklin Gutierrez and Sean O’Malley were available on the bench. Without Aoki we will probably see Lee more in the lineup against right handers. Gutierrez does not hit right handers very well so he still will start primarily against left handers. Also Sean O’Malley will be in the lineup against lefties most likely too. In those cases Adam Lind and Seth Smith will be on the bench to pitch hit. O’Malley will start against some right handers to since he is a switch hitter and the Mariners will not have Lee in the starting lineup all the time.

Saturday night the Mariners will be starting Karns who started well in April and May but just like the Mariners team he was not done so well in June. The Mariners hope that he will be able to go six innings. He will be facing Mike Leake for the Cardinals who has been pitching better in last seven outings.

We hope this series against the Cardinals will put the Mariners back on track into winning ways. Saturday night will show for sure whether it was just a one night deal or not. Go M’s.


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