Miley Comes Off Disabled List

The Seattle Mariners lost first game with Wade Miley pitching after he just came off the disabled list. Like most of his outings Miley struggled early and gave up a couple runs in the second and three more in his final inning the fourth.

He was replaced by Donn Roach who pitched just the fifth inning but gave up three innings. On the positive side if there is one they neither gave up a home run. Nathan Karns who made his first bullpen outing gave up only one hit in two innings and not a single run. For right now it could be the move the Mariners will needed in the bullpen especially with Nick Vincent going on the disabled list. Hard to know right now how long Roach will be on the pitching staff or be returned to Tacoma for another call up. I am sure we will know soon.

Speaking of the disabled list backup catcher Steve Clevenger was injured in the third inning with a possible broken finger. A specialist will see him on Thursday so the Mariners will be bringing up someone to replace him. Manager Servais mentioned Mike Zunino’s name however I hope that it will be left handed hitting catcher Rob Brantly who was in spring training for the Mariners until being sent down. The only thing is he is not on the 40 man roster. Depending on how much use the Mariners plan to use the backup catcher they could go with Steve Baron who is on the 40 man roster and is playing double A. We should know the move in a few hours.

The Mariners now take on the Baltimore Orioles in a four game series before going on a road trip on July 4 starting with the Houston Astros before the All-Star break. The Orioles have been on a pretty good winning streak coming into Seattle so this could be a tough time the rest of this week. Of course, they have former Mariner who played for part of last year for them Mark Trumbo who likely DH along with some play in right field or first base. He is having an outstanding year having hit nineteen home runs so far.

TaiJuan Walker will be taking the mound Thursday followed by Wade LeBlanc. On Saturday and Sunday we will likely see the beginning of the rotation again with Paxton and Iwakuma. Miley will make his next start in Houston. I think we may only see Walker for five innings depending how he does since he has missed a couple of outings. I would not be surprised if we see Mike Montgomery come in first from the bullpen. Roach and Karns are two we probably won’t see pitch Thursday since they did on Wednesday. The rest of the bullpen should be ready to go.

I like the starting lineup since Aoki was sent down to Tacoma though another outfielder would be nice. I expect no change until after the All-Star break. We may see Felix return right after the break depending if he is able to go on a rehab assignment during the break. In the meantime go M’s.

Iwakuma Takes Down Pirates And Cruz Continues Power

The Seattle Mariners beat the Pittsburgh Pirates Tuesday night 5-2 in the first of two games behind the pitching of Iwakuma and the bat of Nelson Cruz who hit his twentieth home run of the season for the eighth straight season.

Iwakuma went through the first six innings without giving up a run though he did struggle some through the game. In the seventh inning he gave up a couple runs and had some runners on base when Edwin Diaz replaced with two outs. Diaz was able to get the batter out and then gave a single in the eighth though he was able to make it without any other trouble. Steve Cishek came into the game to get the save in the ninth inning. He did have some control problems but still able to get through the ninth. Now the rest of the bullpen has additional day of rest.

Wade Miley will be coming off the disabled list to make a start against the Pirates on Wednesday night. Having the additional day of rest will help the bullpen if Miley happens to struggle early and be taken out of the game. Also the Mariners announced that Nathan Karns will be going into the bullpen. He likely takes the spot of Donn Roach who will be sent back to triple A. They plan to start Karns the same way they did Mike Montgomery in pitching two or three innings at a time. When he is built up and comfortable out of the bullpen he could pitch an inning in the same sort of fashion as Nick Vincent. Speaking of Vincent we hope that he can cut down on giving up home runs. The same goes for Nuno.

Originally the Mariners said that TaiJuan Walker would not pitch on Thursday against the Baltimore Orioles that changed and now Wade LeBlanc will start in place of Karns in the rotation. We hope the changes will help the Mariners in the long run. Go M’s.

Mariners Take On Pirates


The Seattle Mariners now take on the Pittsburgh Pirates at Safeco Field Tuesday and Wednesday before the Baltimore Orioles come to Seattle to play the Mariners Thursday through Sunday.

The Pirates have had an awful June as well. They were nine games over five hundred at the end of May and now are three games below five hundred. I am not sure exactly if there situation has been the same as the Mariners like injuries for example however Monday they had a game that has been similar to what the Mariners have experienced all June. They started the game getting a lead and the Los Angles came from behind to beat them 5-4. So this could be quite an interesting series coming up. The Pirates were also trying to sweep the Dodgers too. I give the Mariners the advantage because they seem to play the National League clubs pretty well. They beat the St. Louis Cardinals two out of three who is a good club. Of course we know how they did against the Padres and the Reds who are both awful clubs.

The Mariners will have Iwakuma pitching Tuesday night and we hope that he can pitch better than his last out. It would be nice if he can go six or seven innings so the bullpen will be OK. Wade Miley is expected to come off the disabled list to pitch on Wednesday. The Mariners will need to have the relievers all on deck just in case and that is the same for Thursday when TaiJuan Walker is expected to start. It is anyone’s guess how long he will be able to pitch. In both cases I expect that Mike Montgomery may have to come into one of those games to pitch a couple innings. The same could be said of Vidal Nuno. At this point no one knows who will pitch on Friday either Karns or LeBlanc. There is a good possibility whoever doesn’t start of those two will likely pitch in relief in the next several days as well.

The Pittsburgh Pirates will have left hander Jonathon Niese going for them on Tuesday. He has lost his last two games and has not three in a row since May 2015. The Mariners will have Dae-Ho Lee starting at first ball and Shawn O’Malley most likely will play left field in the Mariners new lineup against lefties. Mostly likely Franklin Gutierrez will be in right field unless Nelson Cruz is inserted. Either way Cruz or Gutierrez will be designated hitter. The Mariners do not have another off day until the All-Star break so hopefully yesterday’s off day helps them. It will be critical that the Mariners starters go long in games so the relievers are not over used. At least now the Mariners have eight in the bullpen than the seven they had until last week when Aoki was sent down. Most likely Aoki will not be back up for the Mariners until after the All-Star break unless an injury happens with one of the outfielders. So this will be an important week for the Mariners to keep themselves at or around five hundred. Also this will tell what kind of moves he may have to make in July. Would not surprise me if they pick up another reliever and an outfielder; best wishes and go M’s.

Sweep Not In the Cards

Early in Sunday’s game the Mariners looked like they had the chance of sweeping the Cardinals but it was not in cards so to speak.

The Mariners got up early taking a 3-1 lead after three innings however the Cardinals hit several doubles plus a triple off of Karns to make it 5-3 for the Cardinals. I thought at the time here we go again especially when the Cardinals hit a home run in the sixth inning however Gutierrez hit a three run homer to tie the game to give us some hope tying the score 6-6. The tie did not last long because in the top of the seventh Nick Vincent gave up back to back home runs. It did not end there with three more solo home runs that ended the game 11-6. Rookie Diaz I let him slide because he throws the ball hard and is successful most of the time. When someone does get a hit off of him the chances it will be a home run though he has given up a few singles to; however, Vincent and Nuno seem to like giving up home runs.

The Mariners coaching staff needs to look into who they should be pitching in these close games. Home runs are giving up too many games. I think they may have to move the fences back out again. Not necessarily where they were before. David Rollins seems to be throwing strikes. He only gave up one walk in Tacoma so he may have to replace Nuno as the left specialist.

The Mariners starting rotation will be making changes this week because Miley is supposed to be coming off the disabled list on Wednesday and TaiJuan Walker is expected to pitch on Thursday. The Mariners will need to make a roster change on Wednesday so I am sure Roach will be sent back down. I would move Karns to the bullpen when Miley is reinstated. So the new rotation would be Paxton, Iwakuma, Miley, Walker and LeBlanc. This would make the rotation going from one lefty when the season started now to three. Karns could be the first man out of the bullpen when Montgomery isn’t. We could find out this is a good role for Karns. Something happens with one of the other guys he can be added back in.

The Mariners take on the Pittsburgh Pirates on Tuesday and Wednesday. They actually struggled to lose twenty out of twenty-six game recently. Iwakuma will start Tuesday’s game after the Mariners have Monday off followed by Miley.

The Mariners will face the Baltimore Orioles in a four game series over the weekend. TaiJuan Walker is expected to start that game. Friday’s game could be either LeBlanc or Karns starting the game. I would put into the hands of LeBlanc myself. We will be seeing more changes this week especially in the pitching. So enjoy Monday off and get back to it on Tuesday. Go M’s.

Another Win Over Cards

Saturday night the Seattle Mariners scored five runs in the first two innings before holding on to win the game 5-4.

Nathan Karns came out pitching well the first two and two-thirds innings getting the first eight batters out. He struggled though trying to get the third out. He ended up giving up one run the third inning however he had to have some luck involved. The fourth inning he did fine again and it looked like could go deep into the game however he struggled again in the fifth giving up a three run homer. The highlight of the fifth inning was when a fan ran onto the field while a ball was hit to Seth Smith who was able to catch the ball. One of the security guards was able to tackle him and take him down. The guard should get a tryout with the Seahawks.

Mike Montgomery came in and pitched two outstanding innings. He should be the player of the game for the Mariners. Really like it when Montgomery is able to pitch this way. He is able to give the other relievers a chance to get some more rest.

I know that the Mariners would like Karns to go deep as he can in a game however his history especially in June he has trouble in at least one inning early in the game. My thought is that the Mariners should have a pitcher warming up at the fifth inning just in case he does get in trouble so can enter the game quickly. It was fortunate that the Mariners had a 5-0 lead and was able to chase the Cardinals starter but they should not let them get back into the game. I would have been upset if the Cardinals would have come back to win the game. Hopefully the coaching staff learns from this and has someone ready in Karns next outing; can’t let a game like this get away from them.

On Monday the Mariners will have a needed day off for sure before hosting the Pittsburgh Pirates in Safeco Field. It would not only be nice to sweep the Cardinals but to take both games against the Pirates since they have been struggling this month as well. The Mariners show that they can match up well with the National League. It will be good if the Mariners can go with the eight man bullpen until the all-star break. Wade Miley should be back next week and Felix should return just after the all-star break. I would still like the Mariners to go after an outfielder that can play every day instead of platooning. We can hope that Dipoto is on the phones hearing from teams that are no longer in the race to see who they have willing to give up. In the meantime let’s continue going for it M’s.


Thanks Adam Lind

Friday night Adam Lind hit a walk- off home run for the Mariners over the St. Louis Cardinals in Seattle to win 4-3. The Mariners we going into the bottom of ninth behind 3-1 after reliever Benoit gave up three runs in the eighth inning. We now see if this will put the Mariners into a little win streak themselves after losing six straight games including being swept in four games by the Detroit Tigers.

Wade LeBlanc who the Mariners got in a trade from the Toronto Blue Jays on Wednesday started in the place of TaiJuan Walker who was unable to go because of his injury. Walker should be back next week to pitch along with Wade Miley who will come off the disabled list.

On Friday the Mariners made several transactions besides add LeBlanc to the roster. They sent leftfielder Nori Aoki on options to Tacoma to work on his hitting especially against left handed pitchers. Also Tom Wilhelmsen was sent down to Tacoma as well. The Mariners brought up reliever Dave Rollins and Donn Roach who came in to replace Benoit and got the victory for the Mariners.

In other news Adrian Sampson who was supposed to start on Thursday was added to the disabled list as well. More News came out that he will need surgery and likely will be out for the rest of the season.

When Miley makes his next start the Mariners will have to make another move to the roster. I am sure the Mariners will eventually make another move when the bullpen is rested because the Mariners have only two players coming off the bench besides Steve Clevenger the Mariners backup catcher. On Friday the Mariners lineup included Lee playing first base and Adam Lind at designated hitter so Franklin Gutierrez and Sean O’Malley were available on the bench. Without Aoki we will probably see Lee more in the lineup against right handers. Gutierrez does not hit right handers very well so he still will start primarily against left handers. Also Sean O’Malley will be in the lineup against lefties most likely too. In those cases Adam Lind and Seth Smith will be on the bench to pitch hit. O’Malley will start against some right handers to since he is a switch hitter and the Mariners will not have Lee in the starting lineup all the time.

Saturday night the Mariners will be starting Karns who started well in April and May but just like the Mariners team he was not done so well in June. The Mariners hope that he will be able to go six innings. He will be facing Mike Leake for the Cardinals who has been pitching better in last seven outings.

We hope this series against the Cardinals will put the Mariners back on track into winning ways. Saturday night will show for sure whether it was just a one night deal or not. Go M’s.


Mariners Return Home After Disastrous Trip

On Thursday afternoon the Mariners demonstrated again why June has been a terrible month for them and being swept by Detroit Tigers. They went 2-8 on this recent trip where they could have easily been 5-5 or a winning record. Thursday’s game showed exactly how bad the road trip was. Adrian Sampson who was supposed to start the game for the Mariners had to bow out having been injured while warming up in the bullpen. He was replaced by Vidal Nuno who pitched just over four innings and giving up four runs. The bullpen did an outstanding job and the Mariners came from behind 4-1 to tie the game at 4-4 by hitting four home runs including two by Nelson Cruz how had Wednesday off. The Mariners showed in the tenth inning how much bad luck they had demonstrated on this road trip. Sean O’Malley led off the inning with a single and the Tigers tried to pick him off but the ball was overthrown so he went to third base without an out. It looked as though the Mariners should score at least one run in the inning but with one out a ball was hit to second base. O’Malley had left third base on contact and was called out on a run down between third and home. Robinson Cano ended the top of the tenth inning. The Tigers ended up loading the bases after a poor throw to Seager at third base so the two runners moved up to second and third. The Mariners did an intentional walk however Cishek threw a wild pitch that brought home the winning run to end the game. This totally showed how bad the Mariners had played in Detroit if not the whole road trip. The Mariners lost five in a row after beating the Boston Red Sox in the first game of that series last Friday. The Mariners do come home with a winning record still on the road but it is now 21-19. Also the Mariners are one game below five hundred as well. They have only won six games this month.

The Mariners now take on the St. Louis Cardinals for an interleague series over the weekend. The attendance should be outstanding over the weekend since the Cardinals are one of the best teams in the National League over many years.

The Mariners traded with the Toronto Blue Jays on Wednesday for Wade LeBlanc a left handed starter who had been pitching in triple A. He lasted started a game in the major leagues in 2014 after spending 2015 in Japan. He is expected to start Friday night’s game for the Mariners. The Mariners will likely make several roster moves today. Wade Miley is expected to make a rehab start in Everett. He should make his next start next week with the Mariners. Also TaiJuan Walker is expected to return next Thursday to start depending on his injury. King Felix is not expected to return until after the All-Star break in the middle of July.

It will be interesting to see what trades that Jerry Dipoto may make over the next several weeks. I see that Luis Sardinas has recently been playing in the outfield so a possibility he could be playing some outfield along with Sean O’Malley. I would not be surprised if Aoki is off the roster if he continues to play the way he has so far this season. The Mariners need to improve the defense in the outfield. Neither Seth Smith nor Nelson Cruz been playing very good defense. O’Malley and Gutierrez have been playing late in games depending on who the Mariners are facing in the lineup. It would be nice to have an outfielder who can play regularly in either left or right field. Also take Leonys Martin spot when he needs a rest in center field. He is still hurt from the injury that occurred to him when he landed on the disabled list so he is not at one hundred percent at this time.

I was reading where the Pittsburgh Pirates who were having a good season until recently as well has lost twenty out of their last twenty-six games and are five games below five hundred. So nice to know that the Mariners are not alone however we hope this home stand will put the Mariners back together again. So Jerry Dipoto shake your magic wand and go M’s.